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Because of a Glass of Coffee

Updated on February 3, 2019
Halley Indonesia profile image

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings through poetry and short stories.

a glass coffe
a glass coffe | Source

One morning there was a single man who wanted to enjoy coffee. Understandably drinking coffee in the morning is like going to meet a boyfriend. After a single man is neat and looks perfect.

The man then headed to the usual place, he drank coffee in the morning. However, there is something strange and unusual. The single man is approached by a waiter who is not used to serving him every morning. The waiter approached the single man and asked.

"What do you want, sir?" asked the waiter.

The single man answered in a challenging style. "Order black coffee. But don't be too bitter," the single man ordered.

The waiter was confused and asked again. Sorry sir do you want to order coffee right? I explained. That coffee must be black and definitely bitter sir? Asked the waiter. Singles feel embarrassed and angry while yelling.

"You're new here". The waiter answered.

"Yes, I just became one of the servants today. I have this shop, sir. Usually my wife is guarding the nephew."

The single man grew angry and felt ashamed. After thinking long and deep breathing. The single man repeated his order. I ordered a little glass of sugar. Understand the meaning of my order. Single men feel proud and happy themselves. Because the waiter of the shop owner did not repeat the question to himself. Soon the waiter arrived. This is the coffee, said the waiter.

Single man smiles. But still keep annoying the waiter. He drank coffee. The single man spouted his coffee. Then call the waiter. Don't because your store owner wants to play with me. Just don't ask too much. Bring this glass plus water, add sugar. The coffee you made is very bitter. The event repeated three times. Without being able to defend himself the servant obeyed the order of the single man. When the fourth incident occurs. coffee taken by single men still feels very bitter. A single man thinks of his actions angry and yells at the waiter who is also the owner.

The single man again called the waiter. I am sorry. Said the single man. I want to ask. Are you playing with me? Giving bitter coffee continues. Without any sweet taste. The waiter asked for permission. I can talk. Please say single man. The angry father was angry.

"So I can't explain to people who are angry". The waiter explained. Actually it's not too bitter coffee. But you are not careful. You forget that there is a spoon next to the glass. You forgot to stir the coffee. So it feels very bitter. Hear the explanation. The single man smiled and enjoyed his coffee.

Story message

Hopefully in life. We always address problems from many perspectives. So we also have to be people who keep learning. Pride and anger only make the problem multiply.

Being calm and always thinking positively is the best way to deal with problems that arise. Of course the one who likes to enjoy coffee. Don't forget the coffee is stirred first so that everything is mixed. Like coffee that blends with sugar. Let us address the problems in life carefully and wiser. Delicious and happy is according to taste and sometimes without having to find the cause.

© 2019 Halley Kawistoro


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  • Halley Indonesia profile imageAUTHOR

    Halley Kawistoro 

    13 months ago from Indonesia

    thanks a alot. if u like this story.

  • Brenda Arledge profile image


    13 months ago from Washington Court House

    I really loved this poem. Life goes alot smoother when one is not angry.


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