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Beckoning Of Life

Updated on February 17, 2017


‌Shadows of the dark engulf the road,

The drifting sand find the neon lights.

Faraway stars shattering the night,

Patterns form of unseen signs in the sky.

Cold cobblestones witness to the stranger.

The drifting sounds of a million whispers whispered all at once,

All the birds are in a trance.

Soul emerges from the slumber, toying with a thousand thoughts,

Foreseen, forbidden, barely hidden from the conscious mind.

Sleeping beauty slumbered in the forest castle,

Allusions of the wings,

Aloquence fill the dreams,

Opulence surrounds the mind,

Breaths mingle with wings,

Fly away to the well ,

A wishing one at that,

Oblivion of a boulevard,

Inception of the light.



Temples, Sunbathing in the world,

Witness to the fist,

Blow away the mist,

From the vision and the heist.

Widerness, How wild can we be?

Are we wild enough to see?

The bruises while we bleed.

Burning pyre, You are turning into dust,

Your secrets they will last,

What did you give back to the world?

Other than memories to some hearts.

Clawing past the peace,

Blowing in the wind,

Between the raindrops,

Broken somewhere in between,

Let's find truth Written on the sand,

Drenched soul ,dark roads ,Dream on.



Shadows show us the way,

Find or lose if we may,

The clouds float on a moonlit night,

Part to show the face of time.

Wandering restless forlorn soul,

Would it ever come to rest?

Darkness descends down the dream,

Hide and seek play the stars,

Moulding the face of time.

Were you lost to be found again?

Were you taken to be given again ?

Flickering on through the long lost mind,

Nothing's left to be left behind.

Will the river meet the sea?

Or will it get lost amidst the rain ?

Will the wings fly across?

Will it nest on the isle?

Will oblivion meet infinity?

Will we ever meet again ?

Perhaps when we are laid to rest,

A tombstone left nothing more,

Beckoning still are our souls,

Old are we but still alive,

Amidst the smoke and the cloud.

Early days and early nights,

Everything seems a while,

Death sings our hearts tune,

Songbird calling from the clouds,

Fading but still aloud,

Fate forever bound,

Brushing past our memory's rust,

Wander at a moment's lust,

Breath begins to part away,

Only footprints here to stay.


Buckethead-Electric Sea


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    • Souradip Pidaruos profile image

      Cohen Pidarous 10 months ago from Kolkata, Westbengal ,India

      the best is saved for the last