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Become a Book Reviewer

Updated on December 14, 2014

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So You Want To Become A Book Reviewer

If you love to learn new things and read a ton of books this is a great idea for you! To become a book reviewer is also super easy to do. You can get your hands on some new books once you get popular and people will read what you write. Authors may thank you (or hate you) and you can donate some books to your library if you aren't using an eBook reader. There are 3 things you need to do to get started: set up a blog, write, and promote.

Set up a Blog

First, you need to setup a blog to become a book reviewer. This is important and easy. It is important because once you choose a place it is hard and difficult to move. So shop around and make sure you are happy before you commit.

If you aren't web savvy you should try out,, or These are three of the biggest and best. Theya re super easy to use and customize. It'll take you a few minute to get the hang of it, but it is the easiest way to become a book reviewer fast. Did I mention they are free?

If you are web savvy and serious, try out You can get a super customized page with custom plug-ins to do anything you want. Plus it'll let you have your own transferable URL so you can keep your reviews and writing under your control. This will take a little investment on your part though. Think of an original, witty name as well... like Rabid Reads. Sometimes choosing a genre for your blog is a good idea when you first become a book reviewer.


You aren't writing yet? You probably already have some ideas if you thought about starting this blog, so write the reviews. You don't need to write only reviews, but you can give other interesting information to readers as well: news about books, funny videos, interesting facts, book quotes, or just speak your mind.

You need to be honest. If it is negative, don't be too honest. Don't burn bridges. Although you need to ensure people know and understand why a book is not good in your opinion. Being honest is important to not mislead readers.

If it is positive tell them why in a way they can relate to. You need them to understand why you felt that way and convince them it was great. That's how you'll build readership.

Write different than other reviewers. Look at other other people who become book reviewers and see how you can do it differently.


Promote when you aren't writing. Don't work too hard, because it does take time. You do need to be promoting continually everyday though. Make a goal of one thing a day. It all builds over time.

Start a Twitter account. I honestly don't like Twitter much. It requires so much attention, but it can create contacts with many people interested in the same thing. You need to use the #Hashtag feature. I recommend '#bookreview' '#genre'. (Remove the ' ' and change the genre to whatever the book was.) Don't forget to link it. Share other people's content and they will share yours.

Facebook it. Write it on your wall or start your own page. Share it to friends who like that genre.

Tell the author. Let the author help promote it for you. Tell them you wrote a book review about them. You'll get some readers if they liked your review.

Comment on other blogs. Find other people who became book reviewers who read the same book and tell them how your review was different than there's. Agree or disagree with them. If you make a relationship with them, maybe ask them for a link.

Do some SEO research to learn about Keywords. It is nice if Google sends some people your way.

If everything goes really well, maybe you can put some ADs on and make some money too.

I hope this helped you to become a book reviewer. Good luck!


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    • Seasons Greetings profile image

      Laura Brown 3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I want to review books for an existing blog, not start a blog just to review books.

    • wooleywriter profile image

      Katarina Radford 4 years ago from Southern United States

      Hi. Thanks for the hub. I am interesting in reviewing books also. In fact, I posted my first book review today. You mentioned not being too honest about the negative aspects of the review. How can you do this and still give an honest review?

    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 4 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I have written three book reviews of which you read one, I assume it was the top ten sci-fi review? They don't do all that well here on Hub Pages, although all of them are well over 100 page views, the sci-fi one over 4,000, they just don't get a lot of attention.

      Whenever I buy a book or finish reading it usually go back to the source and review it, which does much better but I don't earn anything from those, so perhaps I will start a blog on book reviews . . . !

      Welcome to hub pages, I tend to be a little caustic in my writing and that turns some other writers off, but the truth exists, fiction is created and those that choose the latter are living in la-la land.