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Become a Freelance Writer and Public Speaker

Updated on February 3, 2016

It is said that public speaking is a terror for many. For that reason, many people do not desire to do it. If you can write original speeches and perform them well therefore, your services will always be in demand. You can be a Freelance Writer and specialize in writing and performing speeches.

What Subjects Are You Interested In?

One of the best ways to decide what topic to do your speech on is to look at your own emotional state. What really makes you upset? Perhaps it is callous treatment of animals or lack of compassion for the homeless. You can make a difference in these problems as a Freelance Writer and Public Speaker. Choose a topic that you feel passionate about.

Begin Outlining Your Speech.

Your speech will need an introduction. A good speech often has three primary points to communicate. Each one of these must be supported by solid facts. These facts should come from your research at the library and other venues. Finally, you should write a conclusion. Revise your work diligently to ensure that it communicates your desired points well. The format of a speech is actually quite simple. Anyone can think of three primary points.

Deliver Your Speech Masterfully.

In order to deliver a speech masterfully, you should use eye contact with the audience. If appropriate to the tone of the speech you should smile. Be sure to have interesting visuals to keep the audience's attention. Use enthusiasm and a confident voice and remain organized throughout the speech. Stay in control of the room. Do not fidget or repeat yourself. Stick to your notes if you feel lost.

Bask in the Glory.

It is a good idea to have all of your speeches videotaped. In this manner, you can review and honestly critique your own performance. This can help you improve. You can ensure that your entire speech is maximally effective by eliminating any words, body language or visuals that are not strong enough to make your point.

If you have decided to be a Freelance Writer and Public Speaker then congratulations. You have just begun. Now, discover what topics you would like to speak on most. Then, begin drafting out your speech stand up at the podium and deliver confidently. Finally, be proud of yourself. You have done what not many people will.

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