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Becoming A Published Author In Today's World

Updated on August 26, 2015

In truth.

Publishing is still one of the most difficult things to do these days as a writer. Which is pretty ironic because there so many authors out there that possibly shouldn't have been published.

As a self published author myself I can say that it is an incredible feat to find someone to even glance at a manuscript, lets be honest they receive hundreds a day. How they pick and choose is supposed to be within a certain guideline of the publishing company itself. How they determine what is great work is really up to them and again it could potentially be questionable.

Always start with research.

Lets begin with the genre of work you are trying to publish. Let's say your work is non-fiction. Now what kind of non-fiction? There are so many sub categories. Young adult, mystery, thriller, etc. And you could go even further with subs of those as well.

Let's say that your genre is non-fiction, young adult coming of age. Well there are certain publishing companies who will gladly look over such a manuscript. Or what if you are in a special kind of genre. I had read a certain series which were so different from many things I had read. They were odd but wonderfully fresh especially for younger readers whom I think who would love the books. The publisher actually specializes in these kinds of strange books.

Your mission when completing a project is to seriously research and find the right company for your needs. Have a list of a few because your first choice may not always fall through. It's kind of like applying to college.

True to your work but be wise.

Always, Always reread and edit your manuscript as often as you can before you publish. Sometimes if you let your project sit for a while and time passes you may find something to needs to changed or removed even added. You may find grammatical errors although that's what editors are for and get paid so much to do. Although truly if you don't need to don't pay for the service of an editor unless you are absolutely sure you need to. Of course it is recommended as a first time author you should do so, even if you are a veteran but in my opinion if you have the knowledge in your belt as a true writer should, you don't need to do it.

It's not to say advice should always be avoided. If your agent (if you happen to have one) or publisher/editor thinks something could be better be doing such and such thing, you can always take it into consideration. Always look at the big picture. You want to stay true to yourself and your work but you also want to attract readers. To sell books! Don't ever take anything for granted.

In an age of the internet.

So of course these days we have products that can hold electronic versions of books, magazines, and so much more. But as we adapt with the movement in technology publishers have learned that they will just have to succumb to unavoidable need to publish ebooks.

Now usually what happens when your book becomes an ebook, the ebook will typically be a reduced price from a paper copy. You can always change prices although it really depends on the agreement with your publisher. There really is nothing wrong with having a book published an ebook. Just understand your royalties won't be as profitable. It works the same when a musician has music through itunes.

There are many options

There is of course the form of self-publishing. Now this is a route that doesn't mean desperation. Many people choose this route for many reasons. For the ability to have their own control, it's slightly easier, etc. But some people don't see self-publishing as being a truly published writer. Well they're wrong. Coming from experience I can assure you it works, you just need to find the right outlet for you.

There are many ways to self-publish but really all it comes down to is advertisement. If no one knows your book(s) exist then how will they sell? Of course typically through self-publishing companies they will provide a range of options, some will even advertise for you. But most people who self-publish want the freedom of doing it themselves.

My advice is to make certain your project is ready to be revealed. Know what kind of artwork you want, color of paper, and even if you want it in hardback or paperback or both.

It's up to you

All this hard work and finesse comes down one important factor. You. You are your worst critic or your best. You are the only thing standing in your way of achieving something you really want. My policy is if it's something I really want I'm going to go for it. Never settle for second best and just work at it. As long as you feel you have achieved your best work, don't let anything else stand in the way. Read my links, and see for yourself that it isn't impossible and people do it everyday.


Oh just as a quick but important side note. Be careful of scams. If you have to pay for anything up front then it probably isn't worth it and that works for just about anything. Just beware that there are some companies out there who will take advantage.


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