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Becoming The Elite Author

Updated on July 6, 2016

As an author we are challenged with many issues and many adversities. Writing may seem easy to the average reader however it is one of the most difficult jobs that anyone be challenged with.

In this hub I plan on breaking down how to take more aggressive steps to find success as an author.

The first thing an aspiring author must remember is don’t stop at being just an aspiring writer. Turn your aspiration into reality if you have an idea do not doubt yourself. Put your idea on paper and run with it. If you doubt yourself, you will never find success. Remember it is your idea that could turn into a best seller.

The second thing that an aspiring author must take caution to is there discourage level. When being a self-published author one must know that all the work falls on them. So not only do you have to write but you must also become an ace at marketing. So when taking up the chore of writing keep yourself refreshed and never work yourself to death. Remember to take time out for your personal life.

Set goals that are achievable. Write your goals down in a goals book. As you reach each one of your goals write a note in your book so you can go back and read them when you do encounter a bit of discouragement.

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The third thing that an author must comply with is being consistent with their work. Consistency only allows the aspiring author the ability to achieve their goals in a much better time frame. Because we as authors must do most of the work ourselves we must be consistent. Being consistent allows the author to reach his/her goal. Do not get scatter brained in the many things you have to do.

The fourth thing that the aspiring author must maintain is a good work ethic. By following a schedule, the author will find that being consistent will become an easy part of being an author. So a good work ethic and consistency work hand in hand. Keep your schedule and never stray from it. If you are writing stick to writing for whatever your scheduled time was set for. Because most authors write at home making sure that one keeps their personal life separate from their professional life will only allow the author to go through less frustration in the long run.

The fifth thing that the aspiring author must do is to delegate. As author we must know that it is impossible to do everything. To be successful one must know you will have to spend some money to have third parties do some of the work. So delegate what you know will probably be impossible for you to do. If you do not delegate the only success an author will find is the success of being frustrated with the end result.

The sixth thing that an author must have is professionalism. As an author your under the microscope all the time. Your authors visibility is 24/7 and you must remember privacy is almost null. So when you are out in the public remember people are watching you and based on how you act is if you sell any books. But it is just not when you are in the public. You can ruin your image by being online and saying or doing the wrong thing. Remember your online appearance is something that will never go away.

So your comments and statements on the social network will follow you for years to come. So carry yourself with professionalism. Your authors image will be one of your top selling marketing tools you will use. So be very careful at what you do and what you say.

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The seventh thing you must constantly work on is your authors platform. You must be willing to spend countless hours on the social networks getting to know other authors and promoting your work. You can never give up. Your willingness to work tirelessly online will be your #1 tool to marketing.

Though these where just a few things that will help the aspiring author become an elite author they are some of the most important ones. Remember to mature your growth by reading as much information on becoming a successful author. The more you read and learn the more equipped you will be in finding success as an elite author.

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