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Bed Bound.

Updated on November 14, 2009


Bed Bound. ©-MFB III

I woke up in the middle

of the night at two A.M.
disturbed that there was

something wrong,
I realized just then,
that both my arms

and legs were numb
and none of them would move,
they fell asleep,

and I was helplessly

trapped in my roo.

If there had been a fire

or a burgular downstairs,
I surely would have perished,
flames or crook

would find me there.

Then slowly blood

crept back into
the limbs that were deprived,
I lived to tell

this numbing tale,
when all my parts revived,

and in that moment clarity

came washing over me,
of all the people who can't move

about at all like me,
Those paralyzed or bedridden

who always live with fears,
and so for all their suffering,
last night I shed some tears.


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