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Been Forever

Updated on June 20, 2017


My shadow drips from me

and pools on the dance floor

All those pieces of me

converge and abhor

the essence of me

as they form into something

resembling me

but consisting of nothing

I dance with that being

as if it were me

I dance with the shadows

that sway all around me

I search for an answer

to the question of me,

but forget who I am

as the music surrounds me

-The City-

Loveless lullabies

were all she could sing;

cast away to the mercy

of indifferent streets,

overseen by a looming,


consuming great city

With clear skies behind eyes

foregrounded by sickness,

she watched each innocent wish

become burdened, afflicted;

losing the will

to believe in forgiveness

It was there she would stay,

fated to wait,

destined to pray

for darkness' deliverance


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