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Before I Slept

Updated on March 28, 2012

Saw her once

midst her own

looking like a queen

she wasn't

but regal lay her hair and mean

they listened to her

as not to me

many loved her

in that place

her way her hair

flawless grace

I'd be lying to say I didn't feel it

it didn't matter though

I had places to be

and inches to grow.

in that place it didn't matter

time worked funny there

but one cant counter the effect

place and continuum

had on the mind.

Another fair

older by measure and cleaver still

coveted her more then the rest

having power in his hands

ill gotten though it was

it changed him into a masterful man

I needed more to know why

more then I needed her

my Father bid me seek

and so I did.

Seek high and low

learn this and that

growing, growing as I did

but not noticing it for the time

there was no place for that

nor thought in my mind

as to the changes in or on me

the mission took place

for all other considerations..

I sought till I was there

at the end of worlds

where written were the things

i needed to know

but there I was puzzled

for the knowledge was muddled

lost in the considerations

for a place I hadn't been

even so I tried to understand

and was pointed to there

unlike any other

to a place far scarier

though sacrosanct

where these things written

might make more sense and be comprehended.

I went, I drank

and came back a wiser man

knowing the why

comprehending the how

It was at realities brink

i was different still somehow

then coming home with power

and the why in hand

I took it to my Father

no other man.

They in common didn't recognize me

i wasn't phased.

She didn't quite recall the face

but then she hadn't seen me before

i had been lost in the midst of those

who adored, now I was more.

My Father took me to the side

looked at me with favor and pride

"Well done my son. You did the full."

I bowed, it didn't matter, I told him my report.

Only what he didn't know before.

he scowled troubled

I knew his thought

but he said not a word

the law must be kept

so i went before the others

The He and She were there

It didn't matter.

I had a burden to unload

I thought maybe she would be proud of me too

or see me as she hadn't before

worthy, anew

but the He had to answer

there wasn't anything more important

so I awaited my time

then was acknowledged to stand

I did what I had to

I unveiled the plan

and the lies the He had told

All looked at him with disgust

but they disliked me more

for I told them what they didn't want to know

showing them the way

that was important.

Those there

who thought themselves or were above the rest

thought they knew

and understood this thing

they had been arguing their points

till I ended the row

but it wasn't ended as they wanted it to be

it wasn't the world as they wanted to see

i stressed the parts they didn't want to know

I stood and stood

no one dared beg me to go

for my Father stood behind me

not saying a thing

they waited for him to make it stop

They waited for the gavel's ring

they looked for my Beloved

and perfect brother to clear his throat

but one shared look with my Father

was all he spoke then he stood by Him

and they said not a word.

The only one of my family

to me it mattered

who was disturbed was my Mother

who looked out stoically

but a silver tear rolled down her face

for the lost innocence that day

for the way, the plan was presented

I told it all

she knew it was right

but my perspective galled

as I left nothing to mystery or debate

I left no holes for the learned to hide from

they were all there

the rest didn't care

but then they didn't care.

When I was done

the silence was deafening

the council disbanded

each to their way

after Father called it a day

and said he would call them anew

and then they would say

with all the others

what was right to do.

The Liar, He took councel

amongst his own

much aggrieved

though taking quiet council

of his own.

He had lost much that day

and needed to change tracks

more over needed to gather those

who felt like he that it was too much

'twas obvious how the King felt

his silence saying enough

now only consent could carry the day

and of that dark corner

I say enough for now

She ran from that place

both dismayed and grieved

for the things that were seen

were not kind

nor gentle on the righteous mind

the ones who must understand

that some must fall

and there must be a way

made for them all.

She wanted to think

to understand and know

the lights were too bright

she ran from anything shade of the light

for Father was there

and didn't defray

the truth most horrid

that was proclaimed by default that day

She sought eventually to understand

nothing would chase the new shadows away

the vision proclaimed

in an all encompassing way

sent her to where there was as much day as night

a place of balance

someplace where this new thing seemed normal somehow

eventually she came to where they were written.

She read and realized

this thing had always been

it made her sadder still

thought making sense in a way

why the King was silent

why the Beloved held his peace

the brash warrior was right

she didn't have to like it

but still she wanted to understand.

She found my footsteps

went where they lead

found the place where wisdom came

but wasn't prepared for where it took Her

was overwhelmed and darkness came.

It was there I found her

mists and swirls

carrying her too and fro

My Beloved brother had been right

to bid me look for her

and suggested where to go.

Plucking her out

i took her to where the light was greatest

administering to her

till she came to

then she looked at me with eyes anew

she said, "its all true isn't it?"

I kissed her forehead

held her tight

"Peace, it doesn't matter now."

Then she gained strength

pushed me away.

scolded me for thus so saying

She was past reassurance

so we talked openly

never so tender as in that first moment.

I wrote songs

she learned to sing them

we were good friends

though argued often

polar opposites.

yet the same somehow...

Remember our dark friend

heart of deception

he was not over with his play

but decided to change his tune

seeking to hold his own kind in sway

and sway those ignorants that were not there.

present when he was disgraced.

day by day he gained in number

many sat on the fence.

the argument began again

I came to stop it

before it commenced.

Standing I retold the story

with caution now amongst my own

and split the Liars house in half

blocking his way to that thrown.

Then working with my loved one

we sought out all

willing to hear

willing to learn

spreading the truth

as far as it would go

preparing for the final council

preparing for the Liar's blow.

Spending each moment

we had alone

in a garden of our own

communing with the creatures there big and small

enjoying the intelligence in the leaves and grass

Loving the land

the foundations of all.

Yet by such methods learning our enemies words

as the wind would carry

the earth would reverberate

the animals and plants would babble

He didn't value them

so he never knew we knew

and so knew the King too.

All the same we were ready

on that day before the thrown

for a moment it seemed

that it wouldn't matter the scheme

that good would win the day

as the King wasn't fooled

nor chose the Liar

but the Beloved one

Fuming the angry noble left the castle

everyone else enjoyed the change

and many rejoiced at the chance

It seemed as though to many

for a time

that the Liar in silence

was reconciled to his defeat

I wasn't fooled

I knew my brother.

how he was angry

and the reasons why

i felt as though we weren't much different

but for our varying motivations we vied

He wanted my loved one

as he had had her hand before I

but lost it for his ambition

to that day couldn't see why

He wanted the throne

his way or none at all

He wanted the thralldom

of all the ignorant

for they didn't deserve their birthright at all

I wanted my loved one

but gave her her chance and choice

I wanted a throne

but was willing to wait my turn

I was troubled by the ignorant

they had so much to learn but would not

at least not on their own

and I burned that they would burn

and knew better but learned to hope

So we were not much different

he and I

but very different in deed

so I kept my ear to the ground

listening for what they would see

He thought to unleash a mind storm

he started with those who would do it for free

those who thought as he

then he infected the gullible

those who couldn't think for their own

I ran to the King with these findings

an army was commanded by the throne

Those who came were many

not as many as Id hoped

mostly those who knew as i knew

believed in my vision

or were determined to protect the throne

as the Beloved's own.

Before the battle

the King took me aside

told me of the thing that the Liar had stolen

informing me that I must venture to get it back

with a sad face, "at any cost."

I think he knew what it would cost

and knowing I had Cart Blanche

outlook the grim

but he also gave me two gifts

to counter the forbidden one

with a little thought

I understood the value

bowing to my Sire's request

On we went then Into hell

well near enough to see

close enough to smell

the key and its holder

our enemy there stood

letting shadows out of it

mingling with the mind storm

many infected strong

'twas Alice in Wonder Land all wrong

dragons and fears

goblins and gargoyles

phantoms walking amongst men

real yet not

the difference being lost in the balance

of the insane so caught

Some saved them

others sought out their infectors

I went where I was bid

to the gate and its key holder

"Let us end this," I said

He grinned, "Ok, how?"

"Give me what you stole"

"Why should I now?"

"Because I am here, you couldn't keep me away"

"but I have the other part,

here is my power on display."

He did his worst

I with mine forebore

we stared him down and cast aside

all of the evil he bore

his eyes went wide

as we still stood

my gifts at work

it was no good for him to resist further

"Very well,

I will do as you ask.

Only see what I have seen

Know why I ask

and why I did."

Knowing the cost I agreed to this

but made him swear

unbreakably firm

that following this

he would turn over his loot

and thus so sworn

and I so swearing

turned and faced the ugliness

the evil past bearing.

Strength ebbing by second

mind reeling from the fight

resisting Hell itself

with all my might

I finished the task

not having much left

I turned and said

"it is done

now your turn."

He hesitated, but had no choice

the oath he swore

robbing him of voice

robotically he did as he was bid

and once so done

the last I did

and cast him into the Pit

screaming and cussing my name

then sealed it up

recalling its denizens

their former places

and torments to reclaim.

So the war ended

the King's General

mopped up the rest

but the game wasn't over

Swaying with the effort

being supported by friends

I went a ways off

to a grove now restored and rested a while

when my brother Beloved

joined me therein

"Your loved one has made

a point most bizarre

though well within reason

and so I am here."

"What is it you want

you know I will do it."

"I know but you wont want to"

"It doesn't matter,

I'll do it."

"She makes the point

that the lately departed

didn't understand mortality

and though broken hearted

she still says

that he must see what he has wrought

therefore I must ask you

to release that monster

and we will cast him down to earth

he will witness his crime

and maybe in the end

there will be a chance

that he might bend."

"Not likely but your will is Law

It is done, It is done!"

and with that I screamed

a howl that disturbed

the length of the kingdom

ultimate suffering

beyond all reason

I fell to the earth and remember nothing more.

so ends this tale

and that Godly and awful war.


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    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      I am glad you enjoyed it my dear Voronwe. It took me a few days to write it, I admit. Probably the longest I have spent on any of my poems.

    • Voronwe profile image


      6 years ago

      What an epic tale and a masterpiece! Glad I found this hub again amidst others, I was interrupted in my reading several days ago.

      Thank you.

    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      You are ever kind and gracious. I am glad you enjoyed this work. God bless.

    • acaetnna profile image


      6 years ago from Guildford

      I simply eat and devour your words - mesmerising and awesome. You have such magical talent. Voting up and of course pressing your buttons too.

    • Jaggedfrost profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      It may have been this work. If not it is till a pleasure to have you stop by and enjoy my word menagerie.

    • IsadorasThought profile image


      6 years ago

      I have been reading your poems today and really wanted to comment on the one about words and then I got carried away and now I cant find it... Well, I found others instead and I'm very happy about it. I really enjoy reading your works!


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