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Before It Ends

Updated on June 3, 2016

Keep Fighting


Who is going to win?

A vicious storm tries to mess up with a young mind who is tired of feeling any form of emotion. Who is going to win this match, the owner of that mind or the storm? A little voice is talking about hope among the pain. Is that little voice right?

Not Over

Before the night ends,

Give your soul a chance to shine,

Just like the most beautiful diamond does.

Don´t let those dark demons devour you!

You are worth of all the joy in this planet.

Don´t listen to those

Who tell you otherwise.

There´s a little sunray

Waiting for you to feel it.

Don´t give up yet.

Your voice is still clear enough

To pray for happiness.

If you think you need to do it,

Scream, until the world goes deaf.

Believe in you,

And sooner than you think,

Somebody is going to listen.

The game is not over yet, sweet darling.


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