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Beganing of a Story

Updated on October 13, 2010

What is this?

Ah still 11th grade but something interesting. Job was to write the beginning to a story. Therefore this became a bit of a cliff hanger. The suspense of it still has me hanging quite well hung.

The job

The smog over the city seems to move in like as if it was thick tomato soup being poured into a bowl.  Elizabeth looked sickly at it.  She hated Moscow but her father was born in Russia and with the fall of the USSR decided to move back to his beloved mother land.  Elizabeth knew with her father’s current age he could not live on his own and that was the only reason why she moved with him from the US.  As Elisabeth entered the her office she was greeted with the lovely sound of her boss yelling

“Hey Elizebeth!” her boss always miss said her name. “Where is your story on the mafia. You said you would have it by today to be printed in the news paper tomorrow?”

“Um yes sir. Mr. Gocowsty.” She started to mumble “But my um informer did not contact me yet but I have a lead though I will have it for you tomorrow.”

“But you said you would have it today and…” he started to yell but Elisabeth looked at him with sad puppy dog eyes. “and you can get it to me tomorrow but right now go get me some coffee.”

“Two lumps of sugar, no cream or milk taken black from the place around the corner?”

“Yes Elizebeth, but make it snappy though.” Mr. Gocowsty barked at her.

As Elisabeth started to walk back into the building holding the coffee another person came walking out. SMACK. The coffee fell to the ground as the papers she was holding went flying into the air. “Just great” she thought to herself “Now I have to go back to that coffee place and by now the line is sure to be extra long.” Just as she started to pull her self up a voice from right in front of her speak.

“Oh um… I am so very sorry miss.  Yeah I was just messing with my camera here and didn’t see you. Here let me help you gather your papers.” She glanced up to see a tall handsome blond haired man standing before her with hand held out holding some of her papers.

“Um… ah its ok I can get them myself but… so yeah um…I have never seen you around so um here do you work here too?” Elisabeth mumbled

“Ah yes I do. My name is Ivan Petrov and I take photos here for the paper. Your name is Elisabeth right? I have seen you around here before and I am very sorry about this so if there is any chance, if you are free latter, may I take you out to lunch to replace the coffee I spilled?” but just as Ivan confidently said that both of their cells phones when off.

Elisabeth looked down at her’s phone. It was a text message. All it said was Be at 1978, 27th st. at 12. Big deal going down. It was from her informant and now she knew she could go to lunch with Ivan.

“Yeah I would love go to lunch but something just came up Ivan.”

“Ah yes its ok something came up for me too it seems. But um what about tomorrow though.  Can we go to lunch then?”

Elisabeth thought about her plans tomorrow got up her courage and said “Sure I would love to.”

The next few hours seemed to fly by with her excitement of going on a lunch date with Ivan.  It had been a while since she had been out on a date and was excited even if it was just lunch together.  Noon soon came with thoughts of Ivan still in her head and Elisabeth got into her car to go find out about what her informant told her of.

Next to the building marked 1978 on 27th street was an ally way. “It must be going down in there.” She thought. As she made her way to the ally way she looked down it and was shocked.  Elisabeth‘s hands shook but not due to seeing the three large men hand another a large suitcase full of money. They were not shaking due to seeing the automatic weapons the other man handed to the three.  Elisabeth was shocked to see the other man was Ivan.  She was going on a date the next day with a man who was connected to the Russian mob.


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