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Beginnings and Ends.

Updated on April 17, 2010

When Adam saw Eve
for that very first time ever
he slept in it's darkness
under the new moon, and stars
but the space that lay bare
next to him caused a stirring.
He had nocturnal emissions
and dreamnt of better creations
to brighten his world so empty
come morn.

After taking some ribbing
from the good Lord himself
he was given another Eve
he slept in her darkness too
more nocturnal emissions
making better creations
under the moon and stars
now sharing their dreams
as constant companions
side by side
life was brighter
come morn
Samson was the first
to recognize politicians
had only one true potential
and so he used it, of course
by taking the jawbone
of just such an ass
and slaying his competetion
which numbered one thousand
on the swings of a crooked
lower mandible's damage
Today stereo jawbones
of just  such an ass
and an elephant
are swinging again
trying to render each other
weak and incompetent
but the breeze
from their jawing
is destroying a thousand
American ideals
things like
fairplay, and truth
crooked mandibles
swinging in a
psuedo-strong way
but their teeth have no bite
come mourn .

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III


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