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Behind the Cloud-A Poem about Autism

Updated on October 10, 2014

Why I wrote the poem.

I wrote this when I first learned my son was autistic. This is what autism feels like to me. It’s as if your child is there but then again he is not. My son has bright blue eyes and sometimes they just look off at things that are not there. I often wonder what he thinks about. It just seemed to me that there was always a cloud shadowing him. I often have to remind myself that each child is a gift. Even now that he is doing so much better I read this and I remember those long days and it still moves me. I hope you enjoy my poem.

Samuel-on a non-cloudy day.

This is my favorite picture of Sam.
This is my favorite picture of Sam.

Behind the Cloud

Behind the cloud the eyes are blue

Like ocean's deep or lake's clear hue.

Behind the cloud he skips and laughs

And dreams of traveling down life’s path.

Behind the cloud of vacant stares

Of solemn moods or many cares

He lives free of fear or pain

And wishes the cloud would not remain.

Silently he seems to say

"Love me now just for today."

Behind the cloud I see the boy

Who brings me tears and who brings me joy.

My heart breaks and bursts each day

Over all the things he's brought my way.

How could I be anything but proud

To be given the boy behind the cloud?

Each child is a gift.

This was a few years ago.
This was a few years ago.

Sam at 8 years old.



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