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Behind the Scenes with Novelist Lucinda Mack

Updated on October 25, 2019
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Thanks for stopping by! My name is Monica Viera and I'm an author and blogger regarding the literary market's most contemporary pieces.

New Novel by Lucinda Mack

Lucinda Mack has worked in various professions including the home care industry and presently lives in Pennsylvania. Her extended family resides throughout various locations around the world. Lucinda has experienced many personal tragedies and has learned to survive amidst the turmoil of loss and confusion. Some of the members of her family who were lost to her were members of the LGBTQ community. She has written this book in an effort to give such people a voice and express their importance in society and the world.

What inspired you to write this book?

Two movies. The first was “Pride and Prejudice” that starred Keira Knightly. The soundtrack just tapped at my soul and blew me away. The second was “Slasher” which was a Netflix mini-series that starred Katie McGrath. The complexity of the murders and the bizarre soundtrack set my heart pounding and my digits dancing on the keyboard.

Can you tell us a little about Nightsticks & Negligees?

It is a murder, crime, detective thriller. The scene opens with the central character, Lexi, appearing on the landscape of a vicious crime. Two young, lovers have been savagely cut down. To make matters worse, the assassin has run off with the heart of his beautiful victim. As the scene of the bloodbath saturates Lexi’s mind and spirit, her boss, Katia, arrives. The impact of the horror merges with the arrival of her superior to create an overwhelming feeling of confusion for Lexi.

Later in the book, she gets hit on the head by a gang member and suffers a concussion. While in the hospital, Lexi realizes that she is in love with Katia. She doesn’t know what to do because her boss has never displayed the slightest romantic interest in her. Lexi is afraid that if she exposes her feelings, she may be rebuffed or forced to transfer. Most surprising for Lexi is the fact that she is attracted to a person who is her polar opposite. While Katia is a gorgeous, anxiety-ridden, stone-cold hard ass, Lexi is an average-looking, plodding, empathetic investigator.

The book follows these women through their world of crime fighting, and their quest to come to terms with their jobs, emotional baggage and passion.

How did you come up with the title and is there a specific meaning behind it?

I definitely wanted to give my audience a taste of what the book entailed through its name. While thinking about this, I turned on an old Sherlock Holmes movie. I noticed the cops hitting some criminals with nightsticks. Later in that same film, there was a bar scene where women were standing around in skimpy clothing. The name popped into my head and I believed it to be an appropriate title.

Why should people read your book?

Well, I believe it has everything a reader would want. It has plots, sub plots, love interests, crime investigations, and constant twists and turns. Most of all, it details life with all the strings attached.

More with Lucinda Mack

Are you planning on writing a sequel?

Yes, absolutely!

What was the most difficult part of writing the book?

Creating characters, mysteries and crimes that seemed real.

If you had to describe your book in three words, what would they be?

Exciting, touching, inspiring.

Lucida’s book, Nightsticks & Negligees very soon and would be happy to send one your way. For now, you can read more about Lucinda here:


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