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Behind the kitchen doors: Behind the scenes of a hospitality life: Thoughts of leaving

Updated on August 20, 2011

Lily and Nick are sleeping in a king bed in a hotel suite in Edmonton. Lily’s wakes up and she looks over at Nick, he is sleeping soundly, he always does after sex. Lily gets out of bed; she grabs her pen and her notebook from the nightstand, and heads to the bathroom. Lily shuts the bathroom door, still naked; she sits on the toilet, places her note book on her lap and begins to write.

My dearest Nicolas,

I really do love you, I love the man I met, the man who you are and the man you are becoming. You are an amazing Chef and Fairmont doesn’t know who they are losing. I know this is our journey, you were never meant to stay in one place, that’s why we are together, we complement each other…

Lily stops writing as she hears a door opening, but it’s just the next room, someone is in their bathroom, Lily wonders if they were writing a letter to their love. She wonders even if she is really writing a letter to her love, was he really her love?

She goes back to writing,

we met each other because we are not the settling down kind of people, but this move is different, you are going alone, you are taking most of our life with you because I will join you, but we don’t know when that will be. I am afraid we won’t be together, you always say “It always works out baby” but deep down I’m not so sure this time. Maybe this is the end of our journey; maybe your career needs to flourish. There are so many wrongs here, in Jasper, so many scarifies we’ve both had to make, maybe it’s time to be free of the regrets and move forward. I love you so much to let you go, so we can grow, I love you so much and I want you to be happy.

Love always~ Lily~

A tear splashed onto the page and smearing the word happy, she stood up and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror.

Lily Whispering: Where did I go?

Her brown eyes were not as bright as they use to be and from almost three years of bulimia was showing, but her ass looked great and she was happy the way Nick looked at her now before she went to Calgary for almost a year to work and to write. She returned to Jasper with a half-finished short story, a handful of poems that were published and forty pounds lighter. She returned to Jasper missing Nick too much, but knew deep down he hadn’t been faithful to her again, even though she visited him on her days of, got extra days off because she banked so many holidays never taken, the union at the Calgary property had to force her to take vacation time, so she returned to Jasper while Nick worked and she wrote, then his days off were spend being together. But she still knew he was not faithful to her, she could tell, just like the first time that she never wanted to admit to herself. Turning a blind eye was never a good idea.

Lily’s memories were interrupted by a cough from Nick. Her heart started to beat quickly, she closed her notebook and went into the bedroom and walked over to the bed, he just rolled over and was still sleeping. Lily put on her gym clothes and headed to the hotel gym, it was time to run away the Dear John letter, or think if she was going to give it to Nick. She thought for a moment how relieved she was going to be to have space to write.


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