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Behind the kitchen doors: Snippets of a hospitality life: First Attempt

Updated on June 10, 2011

Lily enters Brad’s apartment, she just left with her last box of books it felt too soon to be coming back to the house they lived in for a short six months.

Her old roommate wasn’t home which was good, she could talk to Brad without worrying people coming and going. Lily walked to their old bedroom where Brad was unpacking a box of books onto a new book shelf Lily had bought him for a pre-birthday gift. The plan was to fill it with their books. Brad didn’t look up when Lily stood still and took a deep breath in.

Lily: I need to talk with you

Brad: Yeah, I know

Lily: It’s like you stopped caring about us

Brad: No, it’s not that

Lily: No I know that

Brad: I just don’t know what I want

Lily: Does that include me?

Brad: No, not really, I just don’t think we need to be together all the time

Lily: But that’s what you wanted

Brad: No, I felt guilty for leaving you at home.

Lily: It’s not like I don’t have anything else to do

Lily thinking: I could be writing, why am I not writing?

Brad: Well it just didn’t feel like that at times.

Lily: I think we should take a break until you figure out what you do want

Brad: What does that mean?

Lily: It means you are free to see who ever you need to see, too fill whatever you feel needs to be filling.

Brad: It’s not like that

Lily: Well, you’ve got time to figure it out.

Lily leans against the bedroom door; Brad is sitting at the edge of his bed looking down

Brad: I don’t think this is what I want, you too go

Lily: I’ll wait, but not forever

Brad: You don’t have to wait

Lily: See this is what I mean, mix messages, you want me, but not to close, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Brad: I just don’t think I deserve you

(His voice was a whisper and it was the first time Lily heard his self-doubt, he was always confident, maybe not always she just not realized)

Lily: Well, right now you don’t, but you do deserve me, we love each other and that’s rare, we share the same passions, but lately it doesn’t seem like that anymore.

Brad: It’s my fault, I don’t’ want to leave and I was afraid to tell you.

Lily took another deep breath and sighed out, she crossed her arms as she stood up straight and shifted her feet. Brad stood up and walked up to her.

Lily: Please don’t, this is hard enough

Brad: Lil’, let’s just see how it goes, it won’t be as bad as I know you are thinking it will be.

Lily: You think you know me so well, you do.

Brad: I do, come here.

Brad put his arms out to her and touched her forearms and gently pulled her close to him. Lily leaned in as Brad put his one hand on the back of her neck and kissed her.


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