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Behind the kitchen doors; snippets of a hospitality life; Breaking Point

Updated on February 1, 2012

Behind the kitchen doors; snippets of a hospitality life; breaking point

Lily and Brad are standing in the front door of Brad’s staff accommodations apartment building. Lily is standing at the base of the set of stairs, as Brad stands on the first step looking down at her.

Lily: What about Satioah?

Brad:Come on, that was one time; we were spontaneous, together in a relationship.

Lily: That’s right, we were together

Brad:You changed that when you stayed with Nick, knowing he cheated.

Lily: I don’t know that.

Brad:I do, we all can tell you he cheated.

Brad really wanted to shake her and tell her to wake up. Lily didn’t say anything, she knew it might be true, but she cheated on Nick with Brad, there was a line that she crossed.

Lily: We slept together two nights ago

Brad:We fucked two nights ago, and it was great. It’s always great! Why can’t you remember that?

Lily: Can we just run away together, if I don’t leave, I’ll stay.

Brad:Could you really?

Lily: Don’t you want to run away together, leave this shit, this drama.

Brad:Yes, I want to be done with this bullshit, if you let Nick leave you’ll be okay, then you can see if you want to leave.

Lily stayed silent, she was leaning on her left side facing out to the staff parking lot, she saw her roommate with her boyfriend, she wondered where they were going.

Brad:Lily, are you here?

Lily: (quietly turns to Brad), mmmm?

Brad:Did you even hear what I said?

Lily: Yes, I can tell Nick I don’t want to go and then there will be a fight, I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Brad:Jesus Lily! You sure can twist words around.

Lily: No, I don’t.

Brad:Okay, yes, I’m afraid of Nick, he’s crazy when he’s drinking and when it comes to you. He can’t let you breath.

Lily: That’s not true.

Brad:Okay, did you know that he punched a hole in the wall last night?

Lily looked at Brad with a surprized look.

Lily: Wha…Why?

Brad:Because he heard you went out with us last night after work.

Lily: But I didn’t end up going. I stayed home.


Lily: I should go; we have to go to work soon.

Brad:Don’t run away Lily.

Lily: I’m not; I’m going to get ready for work.

Brad:That’s not what I mean.

Lily leaned in to hug Brad, but she felt guilty and stepped back.

Brad:I don’t’ think we should.

Lily: Yeah, I know, but I can’t help myself.

Brad:We’re going to have to.

Lily turned around and opened the door, then Brad put his hand on her arm and pulled her around quickly, but gently, he wrapped his arm around her and leaned in and kissed her softly. She returned his kiss just as softly and they both took soft breaths in.

Brad:I just can’t stop loving you

Lily: Then don’t

They kissed again.

After an hour or so

Lily is sitting in the staff cafeteria with a salad in front of her as Nick sits down next to her.

Nick:Hey you, missed you last night.

Lily: Sorry, I didn’t finish until 12:30; I got stuck with that last table.

Nick:Yeah, I remember they ordered a flambé right? (He laughs)

Lily: Worse, ports and lingering as they gazed into each other’s eyes.


Lily: Yeah

Brad and the rest of the Edle crew walked in laughing over what they were just discussing. Lily noticed Nick tense up when he looked at Brad.

Lily thinking: This is so stupid, but I kinda like it, that’s so bad.

Debbie: Lily, come on, we are deep cleaning tonight, remember.

Nick:Is that true?

Lily: Yeah, but I think I’ve got five minutes.

Nick:Oh, well you better go.

Lily: Yeah.

Lily stood up and looked at Nick, he had a look of disappointment, he didn’t even look at her.

Shit, how can I tell him that I don’t really want to go now? I can’t really go back on my work to my new boss, shit.

The same night, Lily is now serving her first table of the evening. She feels stiff and not really wanting to work, but it’s a busy night and no one was going home that night. She brought two ice teas to an older couple, they were on a Taulk tour and usually they don’t dine in the Edle, but if they pay extra they are able to enjoy fine dining.

Lady:Honey, can you bring me some equal, instead of this, whatever this is.

The lady waves her index finger over the raw sugar selections.

Lily: This is pure raw sugar, all natural; it actually is great in the ice tea.

Lady:I really don’t care; I like what I like, so bring me the equal now!

Lily smiled and nodded: Yes ma’am

Lily walked into the kitchen and wished for once the kitchen doors could slam.

Lily: Fuck! I hate this shit! Bring me equal now! Bitch!

Chef turned around towards Lily and was about to yell, but Nick looked at Chef.


Chef:Take care of her

Nick walked off the line and over to Lily

Nick:Lil’ what’s wrong?

Lily: I hate my guests right now, I feel so fucking stupid, I just hate my job right now.

Nick:It’s one guest, blow it off or at least keep it down. Chef was going to give you an ear full.

Lily: Oh was he now? Another bullshit way of life in this hotel.

Nick:Come on, what’s bugging you?

Lily: The guest, the fact that I’m not doing what I should be doing! Shit!

I don’t want to go to Jasper with you. I want to stay here with the man I really love. Shit, shit, shit!

Sean came into the kitchen to check on Lily as he heard her muffled cried through the kitchen doors.

Sean:Are you okay? What’s happening with that table? The lady just asked me for equal?

Lily: Jesus Sean, I can’t deal with this right now, she calls me honey, demands me to get her equal like I’m some kind of slave. I’m not into this right now.

Sean:I’ll get the equal, you take a moment, but pull it together, we’re busy tonight, because of these tour guests that gives us a paycheque.

Lily: I know, I know

Chef:Nick, order

Nick:Yes Chef, Lil’ you okay?

Lily: I’ll be fine

Lily walked downstairs to the staff washroom and sat on the toilet and started to cry.

Lily thinking: Fuck, what am I doing here? I can’t keep wasting time, I need to write, I have to write, I’m suffocating here! I can’t breathe.

She lets out a small cry and sobs into her hands.

Pull it together Lily, at least make some money tonight, pull it together, but I could be writing, you could be, but you’re here so deal with it.

Lily stood up and went to the sink and washed her blotchy face, the tears were still streaming down her face and she cried out again.

Lily: What’s wrong here? You know what’s wrong; you just can’t face the truth. You shouldn’t be leaving right now. But, I already accepted the job in Jasper. Well I guess that’s it then.

Lily walked back to the dining room and put a big smile on. Show time Lily.


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      ibraheem 6 years ago

      soo nice ..

      well done