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Being Different Doesn't Anger Me: Why Does it Bother You?

Updated on September 7, 2016

Your Words Will Never Change Me, Just Hurt Me

You say I am slow, I say my brain is bigger than most, so I take a little longer to process it

You say I am good for nothing, I say I am good for anything, when people let me

You say I am dumb, I say I am a genius, I can get through life just like you, but I choose to be happy

You say I am a freak, I say I am unique and one of a kind, when you look past the cover

You say I am stupid, I say I have to be smart enough to love and smile, even when ignorance causes so much pain

You say I am ugly, I say I am a beautiful to those who matter, and your not one of them

You say you are stronger, I say How?, You do not scare me but I terrify you

You say you have more, I say What?, I have peace but you are not that happy

You say I should be in a straight jacket, I say that would be fun, watch out Houdini.

I am different, I am special, I am me, Who are You?

I speak my mind with no harm meant, You speak yours intending to hurt

I dress to please me, You waste time trying to please others

I work hard everyday to stay alive, You work hard to be better than me

I laugh with you, You laugh at me, I still laugh cause the jokes are funny, but hurt later

I am different but so are you, Just ask me

I was Born this Way, What's Your Excuse?

I was born to teach, born to love, born to live

I was handpicked to be different

I was given a heart of gold and a love that will live on

I was given challenges that only the strongest can conquer

I was given a chance to make a difference and I do

I was worthy enough to be loved by God

I didn't pick my differences, but I learned to cherish them

I do not have defects, I have personality

I didn't ask to be me, I was blessed to be me

You weren't born to be mean, but you are

You weren't born to feel bad for me, and you don't

You weren't born to help me, because you couldn't

You weren't born to judge me, but you will

You weren't born to leave me, but you couldn't handle different

I won't ask for you to understand, because I don't need your approval

I won't let your words bring me down, because down is where you are

I won't judge you, because I do not know you

I won't be unhappy, because you expect me to be

I won't be mean, because I know how it feels

I could use the way I was born as an excuse, but what do I need to be excused for. Being Me?

I was born this way! What was your excuse again?


Different is Something to Cherish

Cherish yourself whomever you are

Be that person who wheres two colored socks because you want to

Be that person who like art on your body

Be that person who speaks slow and loves fast

Be that person who beats to the sound of your own drum

Be that person who is happy no matter what others think

Be that person who others don't get

Be that person who takes the time to actually stop and smell the flowers

Cherish those who like you for you

Cherish those moments that others do not

Cherish laughter even if your the only one laughing

Cherish life even if yours might not be suitable for others

Cherish being different

If God intended for everyone to be the same than we would be

If God had made me the same as you than you wouldn't be you

If God had made you the same as me, would you be you or would you be me.

If God had meant for me to be any different than I am than he would have

God made us different because we can all learn from each other

I learn from you and hope that you will someday you will learn something from me

I may not be able to teach you something in a book

I may not be able to teach you how to fix something

I may not be able to teach you art or music

I may not be able to teach you much of anything , except this...

I love who I am and I love being different, I love and hope the same as you,

I love my life with or without anyone's approval, I love everything about being alive

I love and prey for people, and I love and prey for you too

I am and always will be different than others but I hope to teach others to love and prey for even those who are different

I hope to teach others that love is what gets me through the day and love is what I want for you.

For each and every person who is misunderstood, or treated badly for being different, I respect you for being what God intended you to be

For each and every person who hurts out of ignorance, fear, or guilt, I prey for you to listen before you look, because you might just miss a true lesson in bravery, streangth and love from those who are different

© 2016 Renata Kell


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    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 12 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Wonderful poetry with a very important message. We need to accept everyone's differences and love them for who they are.