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Being Strong Quotes: Inspirational Words for Women

Updated on August 24, 2015

Being Strong Quotes

This is another collection of Inspirational quotes about being strong, strength and move on. These are the best motivational sayings for the guys and girls who want to be stay strong in their lives and relationships. If you keep on looking at what the devil is doing and what he is saying, fear will grow in your heart and your heart will fail you. If you however turn your eyes off what the devil is saying and doing, and you focus on the of God and what it is saying, faith will grow in your heart and you will be strong enough to step out to do all that he wants you to do.

Being Strong Sayings!

  1. The strong man is not he who has the most power, but the one who most lasting.
  2. Frustration breeds true happiness. Similar to how love hate relationships are always the strongest.
  3. Everything in life happens for a reason. Never be angry or sad. Always forgive and move on! Stay strong; be happy, life's too short.
  4. I want to say thank you to those people who breaks my trust, who hurt me and who put me down, you are the reason why I am inspired, why I am strong and living a happy life.
  5. It may calm you during tension and gloominess to know that all that you go through is so valuable, because it is moving you onward to a perfect life.
  6. Sometimes it's good to just wipe away the tears, walk away and pretend as if nothing happened and be strong. We have so many enemies outside there who are happy to see us sad all the time but if you just smile and laugh every time you're hurt, that could kill them more than you being killed by the pain you feel inside you.
  7. Be strong when things don't work the way you want it.
  8. I haven't always been strong but I've always had a problem with authority figures telling me how to live.
  9. People, who are strong in heart, are not those who never cried, but the people who stay strong even when they get hurt.
  10. As we enter a moment of fear, we become frail and fragile to the truths of disbelief. Together, we can embrace our worries and continue to stay strong. We will get through this one way or another.
  11. Don't make your life sad and pathetic or think you have it the worst. In reality everyone feels pain at some point. Don't become hopeless. Realize that not everything in life will make you happy, and those are the things that make you strong and move forward to find true happiness.
  12. Be strong enough to face the problems, they are made for solutions.
  13. Strong people set blood before tears, not tears before blood.
  14. Stay strong even when you are at your weakest, fighting the tears when the hurt is the deepest, Continue smiling while our hearts breaking for there's always a new day in the making.
  15. Don't let the negatives get into you; stay strong for yourself and what's important is your happiness.
  16. The psychological power of clothing is really strong; the way we dress affects not only those around us but ourselves. The state of mind of a person may be reflected in their dress. Dress happy to feel happy.
  17. Sometimes it's hard to accept the truth, tough times come when you really least expect it! But there are reasons in our lives that tell us to stay strong, face the reality and never give up!
  18. Stand up for what's right just because someone say you are wrong don't mean you are ... Just stay strong!
  19. The meaning of being strong is to glow with happiness when we are unhappy.
  20. I Must Rise. No matter what you do or what you say. I will be triumphant at the end of this day. No matter what you say my friend. I will stay strong until the end. You cannot bring me down or take my joy. I am a Man you can't destroy. I Must Rise.
  21. Stay strong and know your worth and you'll make it through any storm.
  22. My faith in life has taken its toll on me, but deep down in my heart my faith is stronger when my mind is weak, I do believe I haven't seen my best days yet.
  23. Have a thirst for that which you want to achieve, if you have the desire to achieve something but doesn't have a thirst for the same, you will find it difficult to achieve.
  24. Just because you didn't reach your goal today doesn't mean that you'll never reach it. Keep going, never give up. What’s meant for you will be yours, just keep the faith and stay strong!
  25. Love and Sorry are few of the many words that are only strong when they're not thrown around like trash.
  26. No-one can take away your sorrows, but don't let sorrow take away your happiness.
  27. Never ask for a better life, ask for a strong person so that you can achieve many good things in life.
  28. Life isn't about being happy when everything is good. But it's about how strong we survive when a thing becomes bad.
  29. Don't see a powerful, strong, beautiful person looking back at you in the mirror? What will it take to get there?
  30. Experiences make you wise, challenges make you stronger, so don't be afraid to go thru them because they give the best lessons.
  31. The worst pain is when staying strong is the only resort. You can feel the weight of your tears but you can't allow them to fall. You feel your heart is about to crack from the weight of all this pain but you have to roam about with a fake smile.
  32. The truth ends more relationships than lies do. Sadly, lies keep relationships strong.

Being Strong Quotes
Being Strong Quotes

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    • profile image

      Jeremy Purple 4 years ago

      The only person you need in your life is that you need in yours.

    • profile image

      Amber Paull 4 years ago

      Doing a tiny little valuable role in the community is a way better than just complaining or do nothing , if each one of us participates with his 1% then you can see how really Unity is power , with determination , patience and strong faith we can make the CHANGE that we are all dreaming of , and always remember one for all and all for one.

    • profile image

      Nancy Nail 4 years ago

      You taught me how to love and you make me strong, when all the love has gone. It's a dangerous thing to be too sure of oneself; it’s good to be reminded that the wisest might make a mistake and the strong might become pathetic.

    • profile image

      Cale Marie 4 years ago

      Life is really hard right now. I don't know which way to turn. I don't trust no one ever again. I trust no friends. I am trying to move on with my life but it is hard when u are hurting so bad. People are filling my head with all kinds of stuff. I am trying to get it all out of my head but it is hard. This is so hard to go thru. I wish I could turn back time and not lose my family.

    • profile image

      Ben Bryson 4 years ago

      If the love was meant to be they would still be with you. So why fuse and cry about it move on and grow up be strong.