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Being a T-Rex Can Have Both Benefits and Drawbacks as Told in This Fun Picture Book From Award-Winning Author Ryan North

Updated on January 17, 2019
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

Fun Picture Book with a Life Lesson for Being Yourself

Fun picture book for ages 4-8 with a life lesson for being yourself
Fun picture book for ages 4-8 with a life lesson for being yourself | Source

The Choice of Being a T-Rex or Yourself Can Be a Challenge

Young children sometimes want to be someone else when they think that they are not very awesome as themselves. Dinosaurs are awesome and being a T-Rex might be the perfect chance to be admired. Ryan North's How to Be A T.Rex has a life lesson for young children in discovering that being oneself can also be awesome. Sal does not think that she is awesome as herself, but she likes dinosaurs. Sal wants to be a T-Rex! A T-Rex has awesome teeth, a giant body, and has an awesome roar. Sal has none of these characteristics as herself. She feels ignored because she is small. She lay in bed concentrating on turning into a T-Rex, and she did! She could eat whatever she wanted. She could chase people away if she did not like them. She was not afraid of anything. There are drawbacks, though, to being a T-Rex. Other people do not like it if you eat their food. Other people do not like you if you are mean to them. It is definitely not easy to have friends if you are a T-Rex. Sal discovers that even her dog doesn't like her if she is a T-Rex. Sal discovers that it might be better to be a T-Rex as a part-time dinosaur. Caring about others and their feelings is better than being a dinosaur all of the time.

Mike Lowery contributes his talents as an illustrator with large colorful illustrations that fill the pages of this creative picture book. The illustrations are cartoon-like that will appeal to young children. Large print encourages dramatic reading and young children can enjoy participating in the reading of the story by adding their "roars" as the T-Rex.

How To Be A T. Rex was published by Dial Books for Young Readers, a division of Penguin Young Readers group. It is recommended for ages 4-8 and has an ISBN of 9780399186240.

Colorful Cartoon-Like Illustrations Add to the Appeal of This Picture Book

Being a T.Rex has both benefits and drawbacks
Being a T.Rex has both benefits and drawbacks | Source

Bring a T.Rex Into Your Early Childhood Classroom

Picture books with life lessons in addition to being a fun read with young children are popular with early childhood teachers. Ryan North's How To Be A T.Rex has lessons that can encourage dramatic play, dramatic reading skills for young children, and social skills for developing good friendships.

*Read How To Be A T. Rex in your story time session. Call attention to the ideas that Sal does not like about herself. Give young children the opportunity to tell their thoughts about something that they might not like about themselves.

*Take a class poll of how many children would like to be a T.Rex. Use a large piece of chart paper to record the poll. Divide the chart paper into two columns, "Yes" and "No" and use Happy/Sad stickers to record the poll. This activity is a great language activity that gives children the opportunity to learn that their words and thoughts can be written.

*Brainstorm with children to get ideas about how to be a good friend. What happened to Sal's friends when she became a T. Rex?

*Create a dramatic play center in your classroom for children to pretend to be a T-Rex.

*Create lesson plans as an enhancement to this reading experience to learn about dinosaurs. Bring in a selection of books with real picture of dinosaurs. Center your study of dinosaurs around the T-Rex when these existed. What did this dinosaur eat? How did this dinosaur move about?

*Place art materials such as large drawing paper, crayons, markers, and collage materials for children to use to create their own version of the T-Rex and other dinosaurs.

© 2019 Cindy Hewitt


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