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Belair The Bear

Updated on November 17, 2012
Belair the Bear
Belair the Bear | Source
The girl bear Belair is waiting for
The girl bear Belair is waiting for | Source

There once was a bear, who's name was Belair,

When you looked at him he seemed to stare,

But his general air was one of flair,

He sat all alone on his box, the only thing missing was his socks,

His head was filled with tiny little rocks, just for the purpose of taking hard knocks,


Belair was something of a ham, he hit on lady bears with a bam,

They hadn't any more chance than a helpless lamb,

Everyone one of them soon turned and ran,

He couldn't understand what was wrong, his nose wasn't flat or too long,

He thought also that he was reasonably strong,

So why didn't they flock to him by the throng,


Then one day events took a different turn, he was very upset when he began to learn,

That in their beliefs they were quite stern, and they warned each other that he didn't give a darn,

Now Belair is not quite so glad, he looks almost like he's really quite sad,

He knows at last what he did that was so very bad,

And all the lady bears had a right to be mad,


Now he is learning for once to really care, he has decided to be a good bear,

And try to find a lady bear that is very rare, which everyone will say what a perfectly matched pair,

I do wish him luck, really I do, he finally learned what everyone knew,

He's trying desperately hard its true, now maybe he won't end up in a zoo.

by Pamlia Wall


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    • Pamlia Wall profile image

      Pamlia Wall 5 years ago from Ararat North Carolina

      I am so glad you liked it. My grandchildren really do.

    • carlossalinas profile image

      carlossalinas 5 years ago from San Antonio, T.X.

      Awesome keep up the great work!