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Love and Humanity Pg 9 - (First Novel)

Updated on April 24, 2013

Belief in you by faith in a higher power

Some of us humans may have decided along the pathways throughout our daily lives that maybe there's nothing important at all to place emphasis upon, that there's no hope for us all, and that there is no way to succeed.

The truth to the matter at hand here is, whether or not such a person has somehow either never had faith in themselves, in others, or that of a much higher power or source from which all life originates from. Having been a member of society for close to 40 years, maybe 80 years and for such folks who indeed experienced a great deal of both ups and down cycles in it all. They will tend to definitively have widely differing perspectives about it all.

The not so well known fact at hand is, that of our internal environment bearing major significance to how our beliefs were actually formed and are sustained. In dealing with per say the human body, it contrasts so differently for such parties as the 40 year old, and the person twice that age, which has a major influence on how each person handles that of their external environments.

Human beings in general are so quick to try to shift and adjust each of their scenes around, this is especially so when things get out of hand for example when a person contracts an illness internally, or maybe when their neighborhood potentially turns bad due to outsiders either infiltrating it, or by invasion.

Rhinos are dangerous dude's

Black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) at the Saint, Image by: Jonathunder
Black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) at the Saint, Image by: Jonathunder | Source

The Environment - Internal

Healing oneself from a deadly disease or illness is paramount, and the key motivator for any life-form, due to survival being majorly affected and the need to sustain oneself leaping to the forefront of things. This is the very reason why us humans have evolved our emergency medical assistance programs, into them state of the art facilities that we indeed have today.

There's major hospitals that provide immediate assistance and care for the wounded. There's emergency medical assistance teams that are at call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They have expert Doctor's, specialist, teams of surgeons, pediatrics experts, psychologist and the list goes on and on,

These great establishments are designed to handle what is known as a medical emergency. Many folks who indeed need such medical attention, may have suffered that of internal wounds, or could of been subjected to an illness that was long term forming. Many of the tell tale warning signs of such life threatening diseases, may come with shortness of breathing as in someone having a stroke, and the emergence of a full bloom heart attack could be prevalent on a moments notice.

That's where such a thing as an ambulance arrives at the scenes, with flashing lights, and screaming sirens to pave its way through mostly hectic heavy traffic, to deliver such an unfortunate person, now turned hospital patient bed ridden unless they are to recover somehow miraculously.

These issues are just some of the examples, but all of this is the end resultant of the internal environment of our human body somehow becoming unstable. This is where our faith 100% of the time shall be tested. Our loved ones who indeed care for our livelihood, will tend to begin praying for our safe recovery if they too have true faith, and many people in this very unfortunate position in life, will need strong enough faith, and many prayers to recover as well.


There are those people however, that will not have any family to support them, and won't have a single thought to turn towards prayer and faith, or that of a higher power for help. Those individuals tend to not have the same motivation and staying power for a speedy recovery if one is indeed possible, nor do they seem to be as determined to find a means to fix their condition, similar to many who fall victim to depression in this life, or that of loneliness.

Being absent of true allegiance to ones faith, and to belief in a supreme being, also comes with a huge price of faltering under your own thought process and potentially declining or surmising to any decrepit current ill condition of health. (Our minds are powerful and will assimilate any thought process, thus transferring such mental energy to our bodies, so try to think wisely especially when fallen sick or ill.)

This is very similar as well to when a person gets sick over night with a heavy cold, or fever. Your mind will tend to wander off into places that can at such a time make the ailment appear mentally to be even far worse then it truly is. With the truest faith filled person this doesn't happen as much, mainly due to the fact that they will pray for forgiveness initially, which many may feel that the onset of some illnesses derive from sin, or wrong doings of oneself.

Those who are truly devoted to belief in oneself and that of their higher power, will most definitely find a natural more holistic means to fight such an ailment, which is the best alternative as well as using meditation and loads of prayer to recover quickly.


Positive and Negative thoughts

Allowing your mind to lean towards thinking negatively about anything in this life rather then positively, will bring much more of the same, and most immediately. This is a true undeniable fact because the universe itself is composed of both elements, which are indeed constantly seeking equilibrium. On one hand you have the extreme negatives, and on the other you have that of the opposite extreme positives.

Once a person learns to master these elemental phase shifts in the inner environment of themselves, then and only then will they find peace with that of the outer realm and external environment. Internally our prayers tend to derive from our spiritual cores, and extend outwards into that of the universe.

What will tend to come back to us all and from such a thing, will also depend on our abilities to sense occurrences of both visible and non-visible things. It's also the same with that of our state of mind remaining focused on the much more positive results all through out our daily lives, rather then allowing the negative experiences to consume such thoughts, emotions felt, feelings expressed or impressed upon us by that of our fellow humans.


The Environment - External

Dealing with whats in our blind eyes view, and any or all obstructions that are to block that of our earthly passage ways is what tends to make humans move if noticed. All animals function in this way as well, which is a direct response to what identifying signals are being put out by being either a active or passive observer. This is how the outer environment comes into play and in our daily lives. We will then navigate to the things that make us either happy or motivated to participate in such as celebrations, recreation, or any activity propelled by a good causality.

Us humans also have the ability to maneuver far away from things that are either repulsive, or life threatening in various forms. This is where earthly combatants, weapons, machinery of national defense and armaments have derived from, and this is also where the basic survival strategies of lets say an entire country, or society shall make a movement as a whole united front, in some sort of direction to fend for oneself.

Entire government bodies as a whole do indeed function in such a way, and this is all due to the fact that the outer environment is a highly important factor to that of sustaining our internal ones. If we are to survive as a species on this very planet, certain things need to of balanced out and on a consistent basis, which makes for a more favorable living condition for all of the inhabitants of this great place.


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      Thank you so very much Audra for the comment and for sharing with me here on my novel I'm getting done. I try to point the many things that I have indeed noticed, that all us humans have in common today when it comes to believing in ourselves.

      I sincerely believe that its these common bonds and fibers that connect us all that we need to take a much closer look at to, and help others somehow achieve faith in something rather than nothing at all, especially faith in themselves if such a thing was lost or never found.

      The needs, the wants and desires of us all are also common pretty much, I mean the basic stuff at least. I'm glad you like it, and will be continuing to bring many more pages here to the hub, I figured its time to write my first book ever, and it feels good to finally let it all out for once, you know.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I think my favorite part as hen you wrote, "Human beings in general are so quick to try to shift and adjust each of their scenes around". That is true! ell, for me anyway. It is hard to explain, but I so understand. Very detailed piece on a lot of things to think about :)


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