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Believe you will achieve

Updated on August 15, 2015

Stay Positive!

Stay positive!

verse 1: Sometimes In life, people get you down, but you gotta keep focus to show them what your all about

see we know in life that things can get harder, let's fight our way through cause we are survivors....

Chorus: Changes are so important to me....

Things we do and say allows us to be free

see there are things that we can do and there are things that must be done,

don't give up, believe, believe, you will achieve!

Bridge: stay positive, stay positive, leave your troubles behind, stay positive

verse 2: most of the time, I feel discouraged,

even realised its hard to take courage

but everything happens for a reason,

but deep down I know that my life is changing


Bridge: stay positive, stay positive

you cannot keep a happy mind, if your always trapped in inside

stay positive, you got to set yourself free,

let go of negativity...


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Questions Questions Questions?

How many Believe In love?

How many Believe in trust?

How many Believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel?

How many Believe dreams can come true?

Light At the end of the Tunnel
Light At the end of the Tunnel

© 2015 Melissa Francis


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    • francismel profile image

      Melissa Francis 2 years ago from london

      This song I wrote by myself, the words are meant to be inspiring to let people know that whatever you put your mind to do, you are sure to accomplish them as changes will come just trust and BELIEVE!