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Trying to Help You Understand Me

Updated on July 19, 2010

I’m sorry that I hurt you

And you feel the same that’s true

Don’t let it tear us apart

For without you, I am blue.

You know that I love you

With all my heart and soul

Without you I am lost

For it is you that makes me whole.

I cannot promise all the things

That you want me to

But one thing I can promise

Is to never be untrue.

I may not wear a bra sometimes

Or my shorts may be a little high

I’m not out to attract anyone

Nor am I out to try.

I just want to survive

In this sweltering heat

So understanding that—

On common ground, can we not meet?

Don’t you know by now

In my eyes, you’re all I see?

And even though you drink too much

I still let you be.

I know that there’ll be times

That you are just plain ill

I may walk away for a while

But I promise to come back still.

I want you in my bed at night

As close as we can be

And though you might be in a bad mood

Please don’t pull away from me.

In case you still don’t know it

You are the meaning of my life

Without you I have nothing

Only heartache, loneliness, and strife.


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