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Updated on November 27, 2013

What does it mean to believe? Does it mean to dedicate your life on something that may or may not exist? Does it mean to forget everything else?

Believing is harder than we actually thought. In this day and time, there is almost nothing to believe on, except the lies that are given to us, lies made by society so that we may live in our comfortable lives. As we grow older we find easier to believe in these things than to believe in things that we grow old with. Sometimes believing in a lie is easier to accept the truth.

When we were young we were told many stories. In which in our own imaginations were made real. In those days we believed that these stories were true, in those days we believed in things that we thought true. Later on, in our lives we were thought that the stories were not true, there is no tooth fairy, no Santa Claus, no fairies, no happy endings. In those times we denied it, we kept saying to ourselves that they are true and that they do exist. But believing in such stories was something we came to grow up with.

When we believe in something, is the same as accepting the truth. We fight for it, we die for it. Like the truth given to us, we will keep arguing what is right and wrong or whatever that matters for us. When we believe we bleed for it, we stay by it. That's the way we are, but that belief is slowly dying as people want to accept more into reality. They don't want us to believe in things that may not exist, with it comes our faith.

Faith disappears, when believing dies. Faith stands with what we dare to believe. Faith keeps believing alive. Without it, we would not believe. What is it with faith that keeps us going? To believe in things that may or may not exist? For starters, we need it, we need faith, we need to believe on something. Human as we are, we rely on these things to keep us going, more than anything. It gives us a reason of existence, without it our lives would be empty, our work, our doings will be for nothing.

Many, nowadays would just stop believing in things, rather they would like to look at facts, facts that may or may not be true, depending on different perspectives. They find it easier and sensible to just stop believing on what they call "nonsense", things that may never be true. Now people don't believe in those happy endings, in those moments when they truly feel alive. They also stop believing in a greater being, that watches over us, God.

There are so many religions believing in different things all at once. When it comes to that, confusion seems to stay. It doesn't matter what religion you are on, what you believe on, what matters is that you believe. When you believe nothing else matters, you will follow what you believe on until you die, you will serve it, it will keep you going.

For those who do not believe, they find death an easier way than anything else. For them, it's easier since they have no purpose, no reason to believe on. Nothing to give their life meaning to, nothing to serve, nothing to believe on.

Happy endings, happy lives, these days those things seem to be hard to believe on. True love, real friendships, seem to be gone for us. There seems to be no way to revive these things, they seem to be gone with, Santa Claus, with the Tooth Fairy, with the Unicorns and everything else. But there is a way, a way that we know is true and exist. These things may once again be revived, the happy endings, true love, and all those things, they may once again exist. How? How will they exist once again in our lives? Do it the way you started it. Before you believed, we believed, now we believe once again. We need to once again believe to what we think is real, with it our lives, our souls.

We can once again make things alive, make children believe in fairy tales, in happy endings because they need to. Now we may start once again, even though we know that they're not real, we must let our stupidity take over, and make us once again believe, because when we believe again, we see a reason for us to live, to be once again a child, to have a reason of existence. Even how stupid, what you believe on, continue believing in it, because your life will be dedicated for it to exist.

Our lives are dedicated to what we believe on. Believing inspires us to keep going as we reach for it. We aim for these things because we know we can, when we keep believing. These things matter, even though how childish it may sound. It keeps our reality real, it keeps us alive. There are many things that we believe on, all different in their own ways. So when we start believing we start making things real, we start to be once again, feel alive.


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    • Darksage profile image

      Khen Ramos 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you for your comment. I know that we all have different ideas and conclusions when it comes to believing but sometimes in those different roads we can intersect and meet. Probably, the time is not yet right, but soon we can understand each other much more deeper. Thank you, and I will be cheering you on, too, good sir.

    • Emanate Presence profile image

      Gary R. Smith 4 years ago from the Head to the Heart

      I may not fully agree with your conclusions (we are just in different places at the moment,) but still I respect how you observe life and express yourself. If you were running a race, I'd be cheering you on.