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"Beloved Men" and three additional poems

Updated on February 2, 2017

Beloved Men

Although technically untethered, I regard, with

tangible fondness and abiding affection, the

cherished men who, through friendship, family

ties, and beyond, enhance my existence. They add,

among other things, stability, whimsicality,

and purpose. Without this steadiness, I am

easily adrift, wondering where

my surplus others-centered energy should go.

No Day But Today

If someone promises you tomorrow, they are

probably selling something. Henceforth, since

we cannot and do not know how long

our so-called "one wild and precious life" will

last, why not eat expensive chocolate and say

"I love you a ridiculous amount" to those

we consider beloved. And, if you can,

locate laughter within the

minutia and mundaneness of daily life.


How long has it been since you laughed heartily with friends?

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What's In A Name?

Film aficionados may shudder at the thought of

my whimsical attempts to rename their

favorite films. After all, what's wrong with

"Golfing With Friends" instead of "Caddyshack?" Or

what about "Going Somewhere" instead of

"Planes, Trains, and Automobiles"? Finally, who

wouldn't have wanted to see "The Wannabe Pirates"

instead of "The Goonies"? Maybe, just maybe,

I'd be better off naming my own pieces instead

or reworking the presumed genius of others.

The Freedom of Solitude

It's possible--of course it is--I am most myself

when offered only my own company. In these

sacred silences I find opportunity to speak

aloud the issues which frighten or confuse or

bemuse or elate me. Even if I do not dare speak,

I can hum and sing and twirl around as if I

am not more or no less than a little girl who

has discovered, after her first ballet lesson,

the joy of spinning in endless circles until, awash

with dizziness, she is forced to stop.



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