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Beneath the Willow Tree

Updated on March 6, 2013

Along the water


Beneath the Willow Tree

Sit beneath willow tree, by the sparkling lake and feel the warmth of a southern breeze blowing softly on your face. Rest your eyes and breathe a subtle sigh as memories of the one you love plays back in your mind.

Each gentle breeze touches you softly as though it were their hand softly caressing your face. Cuddle yourself in that feeling and embrace them gently within the daydream.

Can you feel them there…sitting quietly beside you? Can you feel the love in their touch? Does your heart hum with the joy? Their presence grows every stronger in your mind.

Their eyes pierce your soul and all you can see is their eyes, nothing else, just them. Looking at you softly with eyes of true love and a desire begins to build within you.

Feel the dream of them holding you as they pull you close to them. Know it in your heart that they long for you, they desire you, and your pleasure is their only concern.

You hear a splashing sound and open your eyes. What you heard was the sound of a fish jumping in the water that sits nearby where you rest. The wind blows the white puffs of Dandelions up into the air as you softly smile and enjoy the warm spring day.

You take the time to look up, where you see the thin branches of the willow swaying back and forth in the breeze, allowing the sunlight to peek in at you while you sit there. Only a few clouds drift overhead when you notice a blue jay fly by and wonder what it would be like to fly.

Will the person you dream of, dream of you? Do they sit quietly and long to hold you once again in their arms? One can be sure that they do. Although a relationship might end for various reasons, the love will always be there and the memories will stay for a lifetime.

You rest your head against the bark of the tree and think about them, again. A new memory of enjoying dinner with them and laughing over casual conversation is unforgettable. The date was one filled with romance and sincere effort made on their part to bring you joy.

A small, round table, covered with a soft red tablecloth is set for your dinner. Seated in the middle is a floral display with one tall red candle flickering softly for ambiance. The dinnerware sparkled beneath the glow of the candle as a simple glass plate quietly waits for food.

Across the table sits your loved one with a soft smile, they reach for you and take your hand. Softly, they whisper to you the words of your true longing to hear, “I love you.”

Suddenly, a rustling sound nearby shakes you from the daydream as you open eyes to see a woodland hare staring at you nervously from several feet away. As you smile at the rabbit, it turns and hops off into the thick brush by the water’s edge and disappears from your sight.

Although you have enjoyed this moment, you force yourself to stand up. The longing still clings to your heart and you decide to call them. Perhaps, you will look for hope or a reminder as to why it did not work out as you walk away from the weeping willow.

As you head for your car, you fumble around for your cell phone. There had been a few days, when you looked at their number and considered deleting it but something in your heart always told you to keep the number, just encase.

“Here goes nothing,” you tell yourself as you lean back against you car and look over the willow tree.

Quickly, you thumb through your contacts until you find their name and click on it. From the options, you pick: Send Message and wait a second for the screen to load.

Then, with a heavy sigh of hope, you write, ‘I was thinking about you and I wondered how you were doing.’ After you re-read the message, you finally muster the courage and hit send.

Nervously, you slide the phone back into your pocket and dig around for your car keys. The creaking of the car door is a bit irritating but not very distracting as you take one last look at the shimmering lake and the willow, before you climb in and sit down.

“How silly can I get,” you ask yourself as you stick the keys in the ignition turn the car on.

Suddenly, your cell phone vibrates causing you to; eagerly dig it back out of your pocket. Then, you sit there and quietly hold it. At that moment, you can feel fear and hope in perfect balance as you force yourself to open the phone to view the message that reads, ‘I’ve been okay…started dating again. How are you?’

You close the phone and toss it on the seat, bitterly. It has only been a week since the two of you had broken up and you wonder; were they seeing someone and that was why they left you.

Determined to get the answer, you reach for the phone when it vibrates in your hand. It is a second message that reads, ‘Well, actually I have not started dating again per say…I am supposed to go on a date tonight.’

Then, you remembered why it did not work out…their fear of commitment. They seemed to love you a lot but you always felt as if they were pulling away just when things seemed at their best and realize that being apart really was for the better.

Quickly, you write back, ‘I am doing good…just wanted to say hi.’ Afterwards, you do the right thing; you change gears and drive away. Driving away from the memories left beneath the willow tree and away from the past, best left behind.



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    • Larry Fish profile image

      Larry W Fish 

      6 months ago from Raleigh

      A great article, Warren! It reminds me of those times when I just want to get alone for a little while and just sort things out in life. I have had many times when I sat by a quiet country stream in the Pocono Mts. of PA. closed my eyes and let my life float by.

    • W. K. Hayes profile imageAUTHOR

      Warren Keith Hayes 

      7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thanks again for your idea to target link the like-articles is a brilliant idea, Moon Willow Lake. Also, thank for for liking this story and wanting to add it to your article, weeping willow trees.

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 

      7 years ago

      Hello again! Thanks for your request, response to my message, and for the link! I really appreciate it!

    • W. K. Hayes profile imageAUTHOR

      Warren Keith Hayes 

      7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Hi Moon Willow Lake and thank you for reading this short story. If you would, send me a message with the title of the the article you are refering to and I will make sure and add the link here.

    • Moon Willow Lake profile image

      Moon Willow Lake 

      7 years ago

      Wow - thank you so much for the imagery! I really got lost in this and truly felt as though I was actually there! I absolutely love Willow trees so thank-you for choosing that tree to include in this story! I am linking this hub to my willow tree hub!

    • W. K. Hayes profile imageAUTHOR

      Warren Keith Hayes 

      7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you Nellieanna for reading my work...I really appreciate all of your in-depth comments and enjoy your insight in every last one of them.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      7 years ago from TEXAS

      Beautifully written and seems so honestly experienced and felt. I really felt it with you as I read.

      Life contains moments when one feels as though in suspended animation, in a state of hope, remembrance, idealization, and a surging toward something unclassified. When they come occasionally, they are rather like old-fashioned "Spring Fever". When they hover too close and often or prolong too far, they seem to plug up the free flow of life. So they involve a bit of a balancing act.

      At one time in my life they were becoming a little overwhelming so I coined a term that fit and always helped to dissipate some of their anxiety potential. I could say , "Ah - that's - one of those" and it helped. I called them my Fertile Flux. It admitted to the fluid uncertainty of those moments but also gave them a push in the posit direction of more creative, more useable - fertile - pieces of the puzzle and parts needed for facing life challenges.

      Thanks for sharing this, W. K!!

      By the way - cell phones or no. I suppose smoke signals may have played similar roles in the lives they served, although the simplicity of earlier times seems desirable!

    • W. K. Hayes profile imageAUTHOR

      Warren Keith Hayes 

      7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Thank you DTJ...I, too, long for the days I knew when video games, cell phones and wires weren't every where. When I was growing up the only technology that existed back then was powerlines and the occasional telephone line. Times were better then although we did not know it but I do miss those days.

    • profile image

      Doug Turner Jr. 

      7 years ago

      I'm proud to be the first to comment here. There is something mysterious about hubs that haven't been elaborated on; like finding a twenty dollar bill and looking around to see why no one else had picked it up.

      As a writer, I always try to maintain a humble, honest approach to the craft so that my work stays true. But every once in a while, I think to myself "what would we do without writers?" I thought that while reading this hub. Countless people have rested their heads against a tree and experienced nature as in this story, yet only a small fraction can write that experience down and share it with others. It is truly a necessary gift for mankind. Well done.

      As for the cell phone part at the end... well, we've all been there. I sort of envy the ancient man who could experience the beautiful nature part of this story without dealing with the technological aspect at the end. Ah, well. Ilium fuit. Great work. I'll stop back.


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