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Beneath the covers .........poem

Updated on November 7, 2014

Pure and darkened ink colors of night when
silence rules the universe
Lay the hours when ones subconscious
seems just a little perverse

In the hours of darkness when the soul of lovers
can lose the way unending
Or wonder of the uniqueness where individual love
finds it's friending

Small sounds and movements can fill
the hours of sleep
A cooing that she moans softly or the
cry he dreams in deep

But just once give me the moving hand
beneath the warmth of the bedding
Or the touching of eternal star travel
in dreams where lovers never die

And I will show you true lovers eternally
meshed in the same desires
And disprove all that would predict
and end by trials and fires

That of almost unperceptively one finger touches
and then two
and then a whole hand against a thigh
as love again shows through

After these love making sessions
in two that were once one
comes a new addition to the universe
Ahh but making babies sure is fun


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