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Benefits Of Reading And How You Can Pursue Your Reading Habit With A Portable Electronic Book Reader

Updated on May 26, 2011

Earlier, the only pastime available for people apart from their sports activities was book-reading. Now, you have many other things like watching television, playing online games, etc. to spend time. Probably because of these things, book-reading habit is dwindling fast. People come out with various reasons for not pursuing this habit. But, the fact is that nothing can equal book-reading in terms of benefits. If you develop this habit, you can uplift yourself to live a meaningful, fruitful and purposeful life.

- Reading can relax your mind and can remove your stress and tension. All of us have various types of tension and sometimes, we face unbearable and inexplicable agony due to such tense situations. If we develop the habit of reading, we can read some self-help books and can regain our confidence. This will relieve our tension to a very great extent. We get back our enthusiasm and when the mind is clear from anxiety, we can think in the right perspective. So, we will be able to come out with some workable solutions for solving our problems.

- Another great benefit from reading books is that we can acquire a good knowledge about different topics. Most of the times, we may hate a topic just because we do not know much about it. But, if we delve deep into the topic and know more about it, we will understand the beauty of the topic, its various dimensions and also its usefulness. Book-reading alone can give us such a wonderful experience and knowledge. If we do not have this habit, we will miss knowing the important and useful aspects of that particular topic.

- Book-reading will help us to express our thoughts clearly. When we read books, we invariably learn how things can be presented. If we learn this aspect, we will be able to communicate better with people. Day in and day out, we come across many people who have a good knowledge but are not able to express themselves properly. This is a major handicap and this can be surmounted by developing the habit of reading books.

- We can develop our vocabulary if we practice the habit of book-reading. Every language contains a lot of words and we may be knowing only a limited number of words. But, with the help of this habit, we can learn new words. Once we have a good vocabulary, we can express our thoughts clearly, using the apt words.

- It is a proven fact that our brain remains sharp with the help of book-reading. When we read books, we need to focus and hence, our brain gets activated fully. So, if we wish to have a highly active brain, we need to cultivate this habit.

- We will learn to analyze things critically and hence, our decision-making abilities will become sharp with the help of this habit. Further, when we develop our vocabulary and skills of expression, we can be more articulate. You can observe many orators and good public speakers. They may have acquired these skills only with the help of books.

- Whatever information we need can be got from books. Human brain is a wonder. Though we can store enormous amounts of information in it, sometimes, we may not be able to retrieve the information from our minds. But, if we make use of books, we can look up for the details, whenever required.

Thanks to the advanced technological developments, we are able to read books conveniently with the help of a portable electronic book reader. Earlier, we have to hold a hard-bound book for reading but that hassle is no more there. E-books are electronic versions of those hard-bound books and since the portable electronic book reader is easy to carry, we can read our books wherever we are. We can read all our favorite books and magazines if we have this.

If you have an electronic book reader, you can even have bookmarks on pages, make notes, etc. on it. Highlighting pages and saving some of the portions are also possible. If you find a new word, you need not go in search of a dictionary because this has a built-in dictionary and you can immediately look up for the meaning of the word. You can adjust the font size and style according to your convenience. With the help of the back-lit screen, you can read your books even in dark areas. So, you can pursue your book-reading habit conveniently with the help of this gadget.


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      2 years ago

      Is that true? I’ll spread this information. Anyway, nice article


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