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Benefits of Writing Poetry

Updated on March 13, 2012

This hub is written to answer the question: "Could you write a hub on the benefits of writing poetry? You could tell us how you became a poet, and whether you have a book published or intend to........... we are all waiting."

I am passionate about teaching others about poetry. Writing a hub about the benefits of writing poetry is an excellent idea. To answer the question of whether or not I have a book published, I do not have a book published at this time. I have been working on a poetry manuscript for the past few years. I also have started a book of illustrated haiku with watercolor and digital mixed media.

Benefits of Writing Poetry

The Challenge

Crafting a poem is challenge. Okay, let me rephrase that. Crafting a GOOD poem is a challenge. Every poetic form has its own distinct personality and rules. I find it a wonderful puzzle to match the subject of my inspiration for a poem with the form that will complement that poem. I believe most modern poets write free verse poems, but I prefer the structure of form poetry. However, writing quality free verse poetry is not without its challenges.


My poetry is quite varied, but I do like to write sonnets to my fiancé as a way to express how I feel. There was a time in my life when I stopped sharing my poetry. I had been harshly criticized by a group of friends. Not only did I stop sharing my poetry with anyone, but I stopped writing as well. Many years later, I began to write and share again. I believe sharing and writing poetry are connected naturally. Anyone can force themselves not to share their poetry, but the common experience is to want to share.. to want to connect. We are social creatures. Poetry is another way to share ourselves with the world.

A Connection

Along the same lines of sharing comes the connection. A connection with other poets and with humanity are part of being a poet in my opinion. A poem is a shared experience. The poet is (hopefully) not just writing about themselves. The poet shares an experience, either personal or historical, real or imagined, in an attempt to relate and influence the audience in some way.

Sense of Accomplishment

Can anyone truly master a form of poetry? I'm not sure. To master and transcend a form is more of a process than a destination. However, there is nothing like reading one of my poems years later and thinking to myself, "I wrote that? Wow." After struggling with a villanelle or sonnet and it finally flows and turns on itself in such a way as the resolution is inspiring, I can smile as I close my journal.

To Do Something for Me

Most of my time is spent working or doing things for others. Poetry is mine. No one can ever take it from me. Whenever I feel the need, I can sit quietly with my poetry journals and practice my craft.


One of my nicknames in high school was "The Poet." A friend of mine gave me a pen with "The Poet" engraved on it. Even though more people know me as a freelance writer and artist, I hold onto that fraction of my identity as a poet. I think there is something just a little bit special about that label, even if it is just because poetry is something I love.

Those are the benefits that keep me writing poetry. It's difficult to try to make money with poetry. I've only sold a few poems in my life. However, I will always write poetry.


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