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Bengali Flower

Updated on October 10, 2015

The enlightened Bengali figure Rabindranath Tagor was born at jorasanko in Kolkata on the 7th May; 1861.He did not finish his regular school education. But his education was not neglected. He began to write poems of great merit and charm from the very boyhood. He gained a deep knowledge in Bengali, Sanskrit and English. He was a versatile genius. He was a poet, a dramatist, a story-writer, a novelist, a critic and an essayist. Rabindranath awarded Nobel Prize in literature in 1913.His novels, poems and every works are real & intelligible. He was a great educationist too. He had his own activities for education. He established a school at Shantiniketan and afterwards founded the University of Viswabharati. Rabindranath Tagor died on August 7, 1941.


Bengali Flower is a unique book, written by John Scott who is a good educator and poetry writer in Newark. This book includes a biography of Rabindranath Tagor, Best poems of Tagor, 23 languages of India &Bangladesh, 50 most populous cities of India & Bangladesh, Religion of India and Bangladesh, reading process of Bengali. Scott realized that every Bengali (mainly children) should know their own literature and cultural heritage.

It is true that many Bengali lives various countries in the world. They and their children are forgetting Bengali literature & cultured day by day. So this book may be a good source to sustain own literacy in the future. Also, Bengali flower is essential for any literature researcher, students and other Humanists of the world.


song of Tagor

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