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Beowulf's Sword's Point of View

Updated on October 4, 2013

Plagiarism is bad!

Please use this as an example only. This is my personal creative writing based on the events in Beowulf.

Not sure if this is the origination but it is where I found it.
Not sure if this is the origination but it is where I found it. | Source

Beowulf from the Peanut Gallery

This is from the point of view of Beowulf’s sword. Although he knows the warriors cannot hear him, he likes to act like they can; sometimes he pauses to listen for a response.

Beowulf is told that his land was attacked. He gathers troops and seeks revenge.

“Did I hear that right? Did he just say that Beowulf’s home, the beautiful throne room, my beautiful home was burnt down? This can’t be! Where will I live? How will I get my nightly sleep above the head of the mighty Beowulf! That’s the only reason I took this gig in— Wait, what was that? A dragon did it? A real Dragon!?! Yes! I always wanted to see one up close; Beowulf is definitely going to want revenge. Let’s go boys! Together, with me and Beowulf, we’ll make a baker’s dozen.”

Beowulf makes the thief bring them to the dragon’s lair.

“Yet again we are on the road. I didn’t think it was gunna be this long of a trip. Beowulf buddy, you could’ve mentioned that you didn’t have a clue where you were going. I would’ve stayed home. Hey boys, who you talking to over there! Is that the guy responsible for this mess? Get him over here. Let’s see what he knows. Alright Mr. I-make-dragons-angry, what do you know? … Beowulf did you hear that? He knows how to get there! He’s coming with us I don’t care what you say. ... Oh fine, take all the credit. Act like it was your idea; I don’t care.”

Beowulf talks to his comrades before going to face the dragon.

“Yeah, I’d rather you not use me either bud, that dragon looks fierce! Just put me down, walk down there, and fight him with your bare hands. It’s the honorable warrior thing to do. I swear it’s all the rage these days. Why kill us both? … It’s just going to be us down there! No extra men? We need dragon fodder! Now we’re both going to die for sure. Are you crazy? He’s going to eat you in one gulp! Where will I be then? I didn’t sign up for this! They said you were old and done fighting! Geez, no wonder you can’t keep a sword for long. You keep treating me like this and I might leave you too. You’re getting old; you’re not that strong anymore buddy! Let’s just leave now. … Fine, but soon you’ll regret not listening to me.”

Beowulf gets trapped by the dragon’s fire and Wiglaf comes to help.

“Ouch! Beowulf, don’t hold me so tight. … That hurts you know! No, don’t go for the dragons scales! Are you crazy? I can’t take that! Owe! I told you it wouldn’t do any good. Now look! You’re stuck between a rock and a flamethrower! Just hang in there buddy! ... Whew! This fire is hot! Bet you wish you had listened to me now! I sure hope you can keep holding that shield or else I’ll be a pile of liquid iron. I think I’m starting to melt! Run Beowulf! I don’t want to be a pile of iron. Wiglaf, you’re here! I never thought I’d be so happy to see such a young guy with a sword. What’s the plan new best buddy? … Beowulf, no, it didn’t do any good last time. It won’t do any good this time either. I’m serious I don’t think I can take another— I quit!”

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