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Bermuda A Cruise Story

Updated on May 6, 2017


Chris. A geologist who is main character.
Steve. Chris’s father.
Tim. Steve’s son.
Veronica. Steve’s wife.
Angelica. Chris’s girlfriend.
Tyler. Angelica’s father.
David. Angelica’s boyfriend.
Ethan. Captain.
Derrick. Co-captain.
Josh. Chris’s friend.
Brandon. Steve’s friend.
Johanna. Veronica’s friend.
Jordan. Tim’s friend.
Lori. Angelica’s friend.
Sean. Tyler’s friend.
Edward. David’s friend.
Cruise Director.
Barry. The person who calls Chris aboard the little ship.

Act 1 scene 1 (At boarding docks.)

Barry. All aboard! You coming aboard sir?

Chris. I haven’t been on a ship in a long time.

Barry. Well, sir, this ship is.

Chris. Don’t say it’s unsinkable.

Barry. Ok, sir, there is a chance that it might sink.

Chris. Ok. I’ll come aboard.
(Walks onto the ship.)

Barry. Off we go.

(They set sail.)

Chris. Woe.

Barry. What happened?

Chris. Huh?

Barry. The scar on your head.

Chris. A very long story. I survived Bermuda.

Barry. Tell me. This is a long boat ride.

Chris. Ok. It is time I told someone. Well, my family and I were ready to get on board this ship. I was going on the ship mainly to forget about my girlfriend. Her name was Ashley.

Barry. Ok.


Scene 2 (On the ship.)

Tim. Daddy.

Steve. What?

Tim. May I go to our room early?

Steve. Yes, I guess it couldn’t hurt.
Tim. Ok, thanks, daddy.

Steve. You going to be ok?

Chris. Yeah, dad, I am fine.

Steve. You have a good time son, because this is costing me a lot of money.

Chris. I’ll try dad.

Steve. Son, I guess you should go and find your room.

Chris. Bye dad.

Steve. Bye son.

Scene 3(On the ship deck.)

Angelica. Come on Sean and Tyler. We want to make it in time for the

David. We have plenty of time dear.

Angelica. Oh, hi, David.

Tyler. I thought that you weren’t coming.

David. I decided to tag along. Oh, here is my friend Edward. Edward this is my girlfriend and her father.

Edward. Nice to meet both of you.

Tyler. It is a pleasure young man.
Angelica. Hello. (In a very womanly way.)


Scene 4 (In the control room.)

Co-worker. Sir! We are ready to set sail.

Ethan. Good, off we go.

Derrick. Yes, Sir.

(The ships sets sail.)

Scene 5 (In Steve and Veronica’s room.)

Veronica. Honey, let’s have fun.

Steve. Ok.

(Enter Tim and Jordan.)

Tim. Mommy and daddy, I found a new friend.

Jordan. Hi.

Steve. Hello, little girl.

Jordan. It is ok if I stay here?

Steve. Yeah, it is ok. Where are your parents?

Jordan. Two rooms down the hall.

Steve. Ok for tonight.
Scene 6 (In Chris’s room.)

Chris. What will be discussing tonight?

Josh. Water pressure. We will be with great scientists like Brandon
McDonnell and Frederick Seizure.

Chris. Wow! It will be an honor. (Putting on a tie.) Well, how do I look?

Josh. Like a million bucks.

Chris. Great. I am now ready then.

Scene 7 (Party.)

Cruise director. It’s a great party sir.

Tyler. Good, I paid lots of money for it and this ship.

David. You sure did.

Edward. It is marvelous, absolutely marvelous.

Tyler. Thanks Edward. Where is my daughter?

David. She is over there.

Tyler. She is wearing something that flashy to my party.

David. You should make her wear a jacket or something.

Tyler. I don’t think I can control her anymore.

David. Yes, you can.

Tyler. I hope she marries somebody like you.

David. She will.

(Enter Chris and associates.)

Chris. Who is that?

Frederick. Don’t mess with her. That is Angelica Sanford.

Chris. And who is Angelica Sanford?

Brandon. Her father is Tyler Sanford which is the owner of this cruise line.

Chris. She is cute though.

Josh. Just leave her alone.

Chris. Maybe I will.

Cruise Director. (Speaking through mike.) May I have your attention? May I have your attention please? I hope you are enjoying the cruise to Bermuda and back to Miami. Now, our lovely host Tyler Sanford is about to speak.

Tyler. Hello. Yes, welcome aboard the Bermuda. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Now, I would like to tell you that my daughter’s wedding date will be in two days to this lovely man David Dumbest. Now, I’ll allow the cruise director to take back over this lovely party.

Cruise director. Ok, back to the party.

Angelica. Why did you say that father?

Tyler. You don’t like him?

Angelica. No, I hate him with passion and his last name is Dumbest.

Tyler. It is kind of pretty, and why do you hate him?

Angelica. I just do.

(She runs off.)

David. Is she ok?

Tyler. Fine.

Edward. I’ll talk to her.

Tyler. Ok, try to make better.

Edward. Ok.

Chris. Well fellows, I have to go talk to my father about something.

Josh. Go.

Frederick. Go.

Brandon. You better go then.

(Exit Tyler and Chris.)

Steve. Hi.
Joe. Hi sir. What is your job?

Steve. I am a lawyer.

Joe. Oh, whose firm.

Steve. Howell’s.

Joe. That is your last name, right.

Steve. Yes, it is. I love working there.

Scene 8 (Deck.)

Edward. You ok, Angelica.

Angelica. I’m fine.

Edward. Why don’t you go back to the party?

Angelica. It was dull and embarrassing.

Lori. Excuse me, sir, where is the party?

Chris. It is in there.

Lori. Thanks.

Chris. Don’t mention it.

Lori. Are you coming?

Chris. Nope.
Lori. Why?

Chris. It is too boring.

Lori. Yeah, you are right.

Chris. Can I stay here with you?

Lori. Sure. Kiss me.

Chris. Now, right now.

(They kiss.)

Angelica. Thanks for being so kind Edward.

Edward. Don’t mention it. Would like to go out tomorrow?

Angelica. Sure, I know this café on the ship.

Edward. Ok, I’ll be there.


Act 2 Scene 1(On deck.)

Angelica. I love this ship.

Lori. Excuse me, miss.

Angelica. Yeah.

Lori. Where is the Gee long Café?
Angelica. I am on my way there right now. Let me show you the way.

Lori. Ok.

(They go to the café.)

Lori. Hi, honey.

Chris. Hi, Lori.

Lori. May we sit with you?

Angelica. Sure.

(They sit down.)

Edward. Huh?

Angelica. Never mind.

Edward. Hello, miss. What is your name?

Lori. Lori. What is yours?

Edward. Edward Synod.

Lori. Do you want to go to another table?

Edward. I would love to Lori.

Lori. Great.

(Exit Lori and Edward.)
Angelica. I think my boyfriend has just stole your girlfriend.

Chris. I don’t care anyway. Who knows? I might meet another interesting person. I just lost one earlier anyway.

Angelica. Well, that is too bad, and you’re right. You will probably meet someone interesting.

Chris. What is your name?

Angelica. Angelica Tyler.

Chris. That is kind of like angel.

Angelica. Somewhat?

Chris. I thought you were getting married.

Angelica. Nope. I am still single.

Chris. What do you want?

Angelica. I want some pancakes and a coffee.

Chris. Ok. Waiter! May we have some service?

Waiter. Yes, what will you be having this mourning?

Chris. I want two coffees and a stack of pancakes please.

Waiter. You only want some coffee.

Chris. Yeah, that is all I need.
Angelica. Did you eat earlier?

Chris. No, it is just I don’t feel hungry.

Angelica. I don’t understand why our dates left.

Chris. I guess it is love.

Angelica. Maybe, but I never been in love before(until now)(mentally).

Chris. Would you mind if I kissed you?

Angelica. Of course not.

(They kiss.)

Waiter. Your breakfast.

Angelica. Thanks.

(She eats and he drinks.)

I'm on a boat (ft. T-Pain Lonely Island)

Scene 2 (Steve’s room)

Steve. Do you remember the case about the lady who sued a ship company for the ship sinking and her surviving, but her luggage didn’t.

Brandon. Didn’t she win?

Steve. Yeah, but I tried to tell the judge how silly the case was.

Brandon. You can’t win em all.

Steve. You got that right. Hey, have you seen Tim?

Brandon. No, where is the little guy?

Steve. Veronica, where is Tim?

Veronica. Don’t worry, he went to play with Jordan.

Steve. Good. I am so relieved.

Veronica. He will be fine.

Steve. I know.

Brandon. I’ll see you later.

Steve. Bye.

(Brandon leaves.)

Veronica. I sorry about that case.

Steve. That was long time ago. I am over it now.

Scene 3 (On the bridge.)

Derrick. Captain, we are headed for rough waters.

Ethan. That is ok. This baby’s strong.

Derrick. The tides are rising higher and higher and there are more waves too.

Ethan. I had worse things when I was beginning.

Derrick. I hope you are right.

Ethan. Of course I am.

Derrick. Whatever you say captain.

Scene 4 (At Tyler’s room where Angelica is secretly listening behind the door.)

Sean. You know Tyler, if this boat does sink, it will sink very quickly.

Tyler. Yeah, but this ship won’t sink.

Sean. There is a chance that it might.

Tyler. I know, but we have plenty of life boats.

Sean. I don’t think everyone can get on them in five minutes.

Tyler. What, five minutes?

Sean. Yes, five minutes.

Tyler. Oh, I didn’t want to hear that today.

Angelica. No. (In a whisper.)

Scene 5 (In Edward’s room.)

Lori. Nice room.

Edward. I try to keep in great shape.
Lori. Well, it is very pretty and so are you.

Edward. Thanks.

Lori. Kiss me again.

Edward. Now, while everything is perfect.

(They kiss deep.)

Scene 6 (Night time on the deck.)

Angelica. This is a beautiful night. Look at those stars.

Chris. It is almost perfect. (Looking through his binoculars.) Oh no. Angelica.

Angelica. What is it Chris.

Chris. Where is captain at?

Angelica. He is on the bridge right now.

Chris. Come on. We must tell him this.

(They run to the bridge.)

Scene 7 (Bridge.)

Chris. Captain. You have to get us off this course, now.

Ethan. Why?

Chris. We are headed for a dangerous location where there is a fissure.

Ethan. What is this fissure?

Chris. It is hole in the earth’s crust.

Ethan. Why should that be a problem under the ocean like that?

Chris. They cause bubbles on the surface of the water.

Ethan. We can sail right through them right.

Chris. Wrong. They create no buoyancy which allows us to float on water.

Ethan. I understand now. Derrick! Turn 5 degrees to the right!

Derrick. Aye, captain.

(The ship turns.)

(As the ship turns, Chris pulls out a rod.)

Chris. This is what would happen to the ship.

(He drops the rod and it sinks.)

Ethan. Ok, thank you. We would be in a lot of trouble.

Chris. Don’t mention it. Just watch out for more of them.

Angelica. Wow. That was very clever.

(They leave.)
Derrick. Sir, I think we are in for trouble.

Ethan. What do you mean?

Derrick. Giant waves are coming.

Ethan. About how many feet.

Derrick. Ten to twenty feet.

Scene 8 (On bridge.)

Angelica. You are a genius.

Chris. No, just a scientist.

Angelica. What kind of scientist?

Chris. I study the ocean. The way the waves move and stuff like that.

Angelica. You must be rich.

Chris. No, not like you.

Angelica. I wish my dad didn’t have money.

Chris. Why?

Angelica. Guys only want me because of that.

Chris. I don’t care.

Angelica. I know.
Chris. My room isn’t very far from here.

Angelica. I would love to go there.

Chris. Great.

Scene 9 (In Edward’s room.)

Lori. Dinner was great.

Edward. Thanks.

Lori. I better be going.

Edward. Why?

Lori. Ok, I’ll stay.

Edward. Great.

(They kiss.)

Lori. I must go.

Edward. If you must.

(Lori leaves.)

Scene 10 (In Chris’s room.)

Angelica. You really don’t care.

Chris. Of course not. You are beautiful.
Angelica. No, I’m not.

Chris. Yes, you are.

(They kiss and go to sleep.)


Act 3 scene 1 (It is mourning in Veronica and Steve’s room.)

Steve. Jordan. Come here. (She comes.)

Jordan. Ok. What is it?

Steve. I went to your room and someone opened the door and they didn’t
know that you were their daughter.

Jordan. Ok. I have no parents.

Steve. Oh, you are an orphan.

Jordan. Yes, I snuck on the ship and I was raised in an orphanage, but I ran away. I didn’t like it.

Steve. You poor girl. You can stay here as long as you like.

Jordan. Thank you so much.

Scene 2 (On deck.)

Tyler. It is beautiful day. The sun is bright and everything is perfect.

Edward. Yeah, it sure is.

David. How are the wedding plans.
Tyler. The wedding has been canceled.

David. What? (He grabs him.) Make her marry me.

Tyler. No. You are a psycho. My daughter has found another.

David. No. (He pulls out his gun.)

Tyler. What are you doing?

David. Make her marry me.

Tyler. I can’t do that.

David. Why?

Edward. Put that away. You don’t want to do this.

David. I do. I really do.

(Sean comes in.)

David. Don’t you move.

Sean. Hey, put that away. You’re scaring me.

(He steps forward.)

David. I warned you.

Edward. No.

(David fires and kills Sean.)
David. What have I done?

(He points the gun to himself and backs against the railing.)

David. Don’t stop me.

Tyler. Stop. I’ll make her marry you.

David. It is too late, now.

(He fires and kills himself and falls out of the boat.)

Tyler. I didn’t know.

Edward. It will be ok.

Tyler. I don’t know.

Scene 3 (Bridge.)

Derrick. Look at the compass.

(The compass spins out of control.)

Ethan. Oh, no. Just stay on course.

Derrick. Ok. Captain. I hope we make it.

Ethan. We will.

Scene 4 (Party.)

Veronica. Hi. Johanna.

Johanna. Hi.

Veronica. How are you doing?

Johanna. Great.

Veronica. I’m ok. I am sad.

Johanna. Why?

Veronica. You know Jordan.

Johanna. Yeah.

Veronica. She is an orphan.

Johanna. Poor girl.

Veronica. I know.

Johanna. I heard that boy David committed suicide.

Veronica. That is terrible.

(Enter Chris and Angelica.)

Chris. You want to dance.

Angelica. I’d loved too.

(They dance.)

Tyler. I have an announcement please.

Cruise director. What is it?

Tyler. Ok. Ladies and gentlemen, could you please listen. It is true if you heard that the wedding is canceled and David has killed himself. He did kill another Sean and I ask a moment of silence for him.

(A minute later.)

Tyler. Please. Now, go back to your rooms. We are in a crisis. The captain will explain.

Ethan. Yes, we are experiencing huge waves and please go to your rooms slowly. Please.

(They run to their rooms.)

Tyler. Come on Angelica.

Angelica. I want to stay with Chris.

Tyler. Fine dear.

(They leave.)

Chris. Come on.

Scene 5 (Bridge.)

Chris. Derrick. Are we close to Bermuda or any island.

Derrick. I don’t know. The compass won’t stop spinning and I am so confused. Captain. Tell them.

Ethan. I am here. It is bad out there though.

Derrick. We must evacuate.

Ethan. I know. Chris. You and Angelica go on and find a life raft.

Chris. Come on. We better get on.

Angelica. Ok.

Ethan. This is your captain. Please evacuate the ship now.

(Chris and Angelica get on a life raft.)

Chris. We made it.

(People run to the life rafts and some of the rich make it.) The waves get worse and sink some life rafts and the ship hits another fissure area and since there is no buoyancy, the ship sinks.)

Chris. These waves are getting worse.

Angelica. Hold on baby.

Chris. I’ll never let go.

Angelica. Promise me. You won’t. Here, have this just in case.

Chris. Your engagement ring. I don’t know what to say.

Angelica. Say that you won’t let go.
Chris. I won’t.

(They ride out the storm through the night.)

Scene 6 (The next day.)

Chris. It is over baby.

Angelica. Great.

(Then, it starts to rain.)

Chris. Not again.

Angelica. Hold on to me.

Chris. I will.

(They kiss.)

Angelica. Look.

(A little storms comes and knocks the boat over and Chris is still holding on to Angelica and passes out and lets her go and when he wakes up, he does not see her.)

Chris. Angelica. Angelica! ANGELICA! ANGELICA! ! ANGELICA! ! ! WHERE ARE YOU! ! ! NO! WHY! ! ! YOU TOOK THEM ALL FROM ME! ! ! WHY! ! !

(Then, a rescue ship comes and picks him up.)

Rescuer. You were lucky.
Chris. Why?

Rescuer. That is some rough weather.

Chris. It sure is.

Scene 7 (Back with Barry.)

Chris. That is what happened that unfaithful day. I am glad to finally get it out.

Barry. That was a good story. I hope you enjoy this cruise.

Chris. I doubt it.

Barry. You take care of yourself. Hey, what was that.

Chris. Here we go again.

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