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Beryl The Peril

Updated on February 22, 2011

Beryl The Peril

Beryl The Peril is a comic strip character who currently appears in the British comic The Dandy and is their version of the Beano favourite Minnie The Minx. Beryl The Peril first appeared in The Topper in 1953 and was orginally drawn by the illustrator of Dennis the Menace and indeed her parents looked identical to Dennis'.

From 1958 until 1987 she had the distinction of having her own Annual produced although 1986 saw her ascend to front page star of The Topper. Eventually in 1993 after the Topper folded she migrated to the Dandy and despite a brief hiatus in 2004 has been ever present ever since.

Desperate Dan is apparently the world's strongest man who is able to lift a cow with one hand and has to shave with a blowtorch because his beard is so tough. His favourite meal is Cow Pie which is like a huge Meat Pie with Horns and occasionally a tail sticking out of it.

Beryl The Peril is a somewhat unusual female role model as she most definitely is not "sugar and spice and all things nice" and is a somewhat Tom-boyish figure.

Beryl The Peril History

Beryl The Peril was originally created and drawn by David Law, the creator of Dennis The Menace as the sort of female equivalent and like Dennis wore black and red clothes and tormented her parents and other locals.

In 1970 David Law retired and the drawing was taken over by John Dallas who changed her clothes from the Dennis look to a blue and white striped jumper underneath a red dress. Throughout the 80's and 90's the artists swapped fairly regularly and Beryl became abit more smoother and fuller. However by 2000 she was being drawn by Karl Dixon who reverted her to her original red and black attire.

Since 2006 she has been drawn by Steve Bright, artist for Bananaman, who has remained faithful to David Laws original drawing although has updated her outfit to a baggy green and red t-shirt with baggy black jeans and trainers.

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Beryl The Peril in Everyday Life

Beryl the Peril was originally pencilled in to a list of 25 distinguished women who shaped Dundee, the Bonnie Fechters. They were to have plaques for them along the Dundee Women's Trail, but she was eventually left off the list as she was not a "real person".

Rosemary Moffat who was the daughter of artist David Law confirmed that she was in fact the inspiration behind Beryl the Peril and said that Law would copy the faces she pulled when she threw a tantrum to use them for Beryl. Although she didn't look like Beryl, who has dark hair and pigtails as Rosemary had blonde, wavy hair however she remembers growing up climbing trees and playing cowboys and Indians.

Moffat sees Beryl as an early feminist and reckons Beryl was the start of young women asserting themselves and being as good as the boys.


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