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Best 5 Everything Paid to Write Site Legitimate Or Not?

Updated on March 15, 2011

Is It Legitimate?

Best 5 Everything is a new paid to write site that I came across several months ago. I usually create an account at new sites to see if they are legitimate paid to write sites to help prevent scams of newbie online writers looking for paid to write opportunities.

However, this site I find a little weird. Best 5 Everything is a site where writers create short lists of the best 5 topics on everything from music to food. After creating the list the list is rated and given points. The more points your list receives the higher the payout would be. In the end the points are calculated and your payment is made though an Amazon Gift Card or you can choose to Donate to Charity.

While it sounds good it’s not all that great because your earnings come from AdSense and the AdSense is shared throughout the entire site meaning that AdSense earnings will be split amongst the whole entire Best 5 Everything community.

Although the new site has a huge community and growing I have yet to see any earnings from the seven Best 5 lists I have created and I don’t really think anyone else is seeing any earnings. I would really be careful to consider the fact that writing on that site to create a paid to write income is really a waste of time but if it’s something you all want to stick with then so be it. I just really think the site is fairly new for paid to write opportunities and it may take a while to see any earnings plus the site does not include neccesary imformation such as how many points you need to accumulate before reaching the $5 min payout via Amazon gift cards, stick with sites like Hubpages and you can’t go wrong.

It's Not A Scam

Okay recently I was contacted by the owner of this site who has put in a lot of time creating it and I now feel the site is legitimate however it takes a while for new sites to get up and running with quick payouts and things of such.

If you visit the site you will see that it has a huge community of members who are all dedicated to making this site one of the best online for writers and that the lists created there by the members are very entertaining.

I wouldnt discourage you anymore from joining this site, but its fair to say that if you're looking for a quick payout you'll have to wait a while. However getting in on the ground floor of this newbie site could mean great things in the future because every new site takes time to develop as I'm sure when hubpages was created it took a while before becoming the it site for writers, create a few lists and just have patience if you can.

To the site owners I definetely do apologize if you thought i was trying to say the site best5everything is directly a scam and I am wishing you success on best5everything becoming quite popular.


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    • ThompsonPen profile image

      Nicola Thompson 5 years ago from Bellingham, WA

      I'm actually quite interested in it my self. I just wrote a hub on my first 24 hour experience with RedGage, and I'm interested to see how other sites out there work. So far I'm a fan of Hubpages and I"m giving Wizzley A go, but I'm not sure how much I trust RedGage. I'd never heard of Best 5 Everything until this one. I'm intrigued to check it out.

    • khristal23 profile image

      khristal23 6 years ago from GA

      I am planning to try this site out today! I don't know how profitable it will be, but making the lists seems quick and easy.

    • profile image

      CC 7 years ago

      Each month the total revenue earned by the site is split: 10% to charity, 45% to list creators, 45% to website. The share among list creators is divided based on how many people view your lists and how highly they rate them. I thought this was explained on the site pretty well but I'll update the FAQ to make this clearer.

      Furthermore, because the site is still quite new and the earnings are still relatively low, the website has not been taking any earnings and has being paying out more than the revenue earned to try and encourage list creators.

      I'm not sure why you're calling the site a scam though as it is very transparent and does exactly as it says.

      Let me know if you've any more questions

    • brandonfowler66 profile image

      brandonfowler66 7 years ago from EveryWhere USA

      CC Account was set up months before January 1 and nowhere in the site does it say how many points you need to earn to make payout so my account looks like this

      total earnings:$0or 1689 pointsSpent so far :$0

      Available to spend :$0.69999998807907Select how to spend your points

      If not a scam the site should say how many points you need to convert

      I created 8 lists

    • profile image

      CC 7 years ago


      I setup and I just wanted to let you know that it is not a scam and to correct one or two inaccuracies in your posting.

      On the first of each month (starting on 1st December 2010) all your pending points for the month for every user are converted to a cash value they can withdraw as gift cards or donate to charity. Assuming you setup your account before 1st January, please check your account and update the article to let your readers know that your points have been converted.

      Also, the points are shared based on how many people read and rate your lists. Currently the only source of income is from Adsense but there will be other sources of revenue being added soon.

      Anyway, hope you enjoy the site.