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Best Biography Books for Kids

Updated on April 14, 2017

Biographies are not just a great way to introduce kids to important people in history or in modern times. They are also a great way to expose children to historical time periods, scientific concepts, politics, business, sports and movements in music and art. And biographies are a fun way to expand your child's historical knowledge.

This is a list of good chapter book biography series that are appropriate for elementary to middle school age kids. Many of these books are affordable at about $5 to $6 per book. sells some of these series with a buy 4 pay for 3 promotion. You may also find some at library used book sales.

Who Was Series

The great thing about the Who Was (or sometimes Who Is or Who Were) is that the books can be read to 1st to 2nd graders and up. The books are easy to understand and interesting for younger kids. Yet they also provide a lot of information. There are several books in this series. The series covers a lot of topics like history (George Washington, Paul Revere) politics (Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama), entertainment (The Beatles, Harry Houdini, Louis Armstrong), art (Claude Monet, Leonardo Da Vinci), science (Charles Darwin) and business (Steve Jobs).

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Who

This book is aimed at 4 to 8 year olds. It introduces a diverse group of historical and modern figures. The book covers scientists, political figures, activists, musicians, adventurers, and writers. The book has profiles and mini-profiles.

Individuals covered in the main profiles are King Tut, Aristotle, Michelangelo, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Sequoyah, Sacagawea, Abraham Lincoln, Elizabeth Blackwell, Isabella Bird, Matthew Henson, Marie Curie, Gandhi, Amelia Earhart, Golda Meir, Ansel Adams, Frida Kahlo, Tenzing Norgay, Ella Fitzgerald, Jackie Robinson, Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King, Jr., Neil Armstrong, Dong Zhiming, The Beatles, Michelle Bachelet, and Malala Yousafzai.

Time for Kids Biographies

This is an excellent series for approximately 7-11 year olds. The books are easy for younger kids to understand or read themselves. Some of the figures covered are George Washington, Clara Barton, John F. Kennedy, Jackie Robinson, Henry Ford, and Rosa Parks.

History Maker Bios

This is another great series for 1st to 2nd grade and up. The pages have some colorful pictures and lots of photographs unlike Who Was that mainly uses black and white illustrations. These books are only about 50 pages in length versus about 100 for Who Was. But they cover some very interesting people, like Milton Hershey, Levi Strauss, W. K. Kellogg, Dolly Madison and John Deere.

DK Biography Series

The DK Biography series is best for probably 4th grade and up. These books are a good follow up to the Who Was and History Maker series. This series has biographies for many interesting people like Marie Curie, Gandhi, Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela. The series also covers important early presidents like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Sterling Biographies

This is another good series for perhaps 5th grade through middle school. The series has books on Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Lou Gehrig, Jackie Robinson, Jacques Cousteau, Davy Crockett, Anne Frank and Chief Joseph. They are about 130 pages in length.


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    • Learn Things Web profile imageAUTHOR

      Learn Things Web 

      8 years ago from California

      Thanks. They are really good. I'm currently building up a collection of them.

    • rcrumple profile image


      8 years ago from Kentucky

      These look like great tools for kids. I'll definitely have to let my daughter in on these for the grandkids. Great Job!


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