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Best Books for Boys Ages 8-10

Updated on September 3, 2014
Boys are energetic, fun and silly! Choosing books geared specifically to your boy's interests is a great way to encourage reading!
Boys are energetic, fun and silly! Choosing books geared specifically to your boy's interests is a great way to encourage reading! | Source

Encouraging Reluctant Readers

You can encourage a reluctant reader by:

  • Choosing books with lots of pictures
  • Choosing books that don't have too many words per page
  • Picking books at the child's reading level, or books just below the child's reading level
  • Providing a wide range of choices, including graphic novels, chapter books, and magazines
  • Getting involved! If your child sees you enjoying a book, he will want to join you.

Fantastic Books to Get Boys Reading

There has been a lot of attention paid to boys and literacy in the past few years. Now that videogames, Mincraft and YouTube are a part of the fabric of boys' lives, it can be challenging to find books that can compete. Despite the fact that boys may be reading less and spending more time in front of screens, reading well is more important than ever before. Many states have laws in place that strongly suggest (or even require) that students who cannot read well by the end of third grade be held back. Apart from needing to read well in order to progress through school, reading for enjoyment is something that most parents want for their children. Books are a source of technology-free inspiration, comfort, humor and entertainment.

In this hub, I will provide some suggestions for kid-tested and approved books that are guaranteed to catch the attention of 8-10 year old boys.

Kid-Approved Books for Boys Ages 8-10

Grade Level
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot
Dav Pilkey
Chapter book with lots of pictures
Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking
Philippe Coudray
Graphic Novel
Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost in the World
James Kochalka
Graphic Novel
Melvin Beederman, Superhero
Greg Trine
Chapter book with lots of pictures
Adventures of Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy
D. J. Steinberg
Graphic Novel
Knights of the Lunch Table
Frank Cammuso
Graphic Novel
Comic books and graphic novels are excellent choices for boys.
Comic books and graphic novels are excellent choices for boys. | Source

Tips for Reading With Reluctant Readers

Not all boys are reluctant readers, and not all reluctant readers are boys! These tips make reading time fun for boys and girls alike, and will help you lay a foundation for a love of reading with your child.

Be silly! Kids love to laugh, and if they associate reading with laughing, they will always want to read! When you're reading with Kids, make sure you are being a great actor. Read with lots of expression in your face and in your voice. When you get to a scary part... whisper spookily! If there is some suspense, turn to your child with an excited look on your face.

Get excited. No matter what the reading material, get excited about it! Even if you're not excited... fake it. If boys think you're excited about a book, they'll be excited too.

Slow down and enjoy the pictures. Adults tend to read text quickly and move on, but kids love to savor the details of a picture. Especially for reluctant readers, pictures offer a break from the pressure of reading text. Talk about the picture, point to things you notice in it, and let kids get absorbed in the world of the book.

The Benjamin Bear Series

Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas!: TOON Level 2
Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas!: TOON Level 2

Benjamin Bear is always up to something funny! Younger kids absolutely love the hilarious antics of the bear and his pals.


Short, Sweet and Silly Comics

The Benjamin Bear books are a series of graphic novels with short, sweet comics. Unlike the other books on this list, almost all of the Benjamin Bear comics are only one page long. For younger or struggling readers, short comics and spare text make reading more palatable.

There is nothing violent or rude about the Benjamin Bear comics; they are wholesome and genuinely funny. Even adults might find themselves laughing out loud as they read these comics.

Reading level: Unknown, estimated Grades 2-3

Melvin Beederman, Superhero

The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich (Melvin Beederman, Superhero)
The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich (Melvin Beederman, Superhero)

Melvin never gives up, not even when it takes him five tries to be up, up and away! Melvin and Candace are just kids, but they're more than a match for the dimwitted McNasty brothers who want to take over Los Angeles.


Melvin Beederman, Superhero: Curse of the Bologna Sandwich

The Melvin Beederman series is a fantastic series for good readers in younger grades, or struggling readers in older grades. I had great success reading this book with one of my dyslexic students, a fourth grade boy. It was the first series that really "clicked" with him, and he actually asked to read it every day. If you're the parent of a dyslexic child, you'll understand how huge that is!

Melvin Beederman is a kid who is a superhero. He also has some challenges... he can only start flying after five tries, and his ultimate weakness is bologna. Shortly after the book begins, Melvin meets Candace, a smart, confident girl who becomes his sidekick and can fly on the first try. Together, the superhero friends outwit the McNasty Brothers and save Los Angeles.

Grade level: 3.3

Ricky Ricotta Has a Mighty Big Robot!

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot (Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot #1)
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot (Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot #1)

Ricky Ricotta is a little bit lonely living with his mom and dad, until one day he meets a giant robot. Suddenly life is exiting and bad guys need to be outfoxed!


Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot

The Ricky Ricotta series is an easy to ready chapter book with lots of illustrations. The books have large print and don't have too many words per page, which is great for younger or struggling readers. A large block of small-print text is very intimidating to a struggling reader, so make sure to choose books that look simple and easy.

Ricky is a shy, only-child... and he's also a mouse. Ricky is small, and get picked on by bullies at school. All that changes when he meets the robot. The robot is a creation of Dr. Stinky, the evil bad guy who wants to destroy the town. The robot, however, has other plans, and he and Ricky become best friends forever.

Author Dav Pilkey is also the creator of the fantastically popular Captain Underpants graphic novel series.

Reading level: 2

Meet Johnny Boo and Squiggle

Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost In The World (Johnny Boo Book 1) (Bk. 1)
Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost In The World (Johnny Boo Book 1) (Bk. 1)

Johnny Boo and his pal Squiggle get up to all sorts of mischief in the Johnny Boo series. These books are packed full of funny jokes and silly situations that boys love.


Johnny Boo and Squiggle: Ghost Power!

The Johnny Boo series is completely silly and boys love it. Johnny Boo and Squiggle are two ghost friends who get involved in all sorts of hilarious situations. In the first book, Johnny Boo and Squiggle get scared when they meet someone new... the Ice Cream Monster! Luckily the Ice Cream Monster is only scary for a little while, and then Johnny Boo and Squiggle find out that he's actually a good friend.

In this series, Johnny Boo and Squiggle show young readers how to be kind to their friends. When the two little ghosts are afraid or hurt, they always make each other feel better.

Reading level: Unknown. An estimate would be grades 2-3.

Sound Off! #1 (Daniel Boom aka Loud Boy)
Sound Off! #1 (Daniel Boom aka Loud Boy)

Daniel Boom has a loud voice. A very, very loud voice! In fact, his voice is his superpower. His sister also has a superpower, the gift of the gab. Daniel and his friends use their smarts to foil evil plans... and still pass middle school.


Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy

This graphic novel series is packed full of excitement and suspense. Daniel Boom, his sister, and their friends battle an evil organization called Kid-Rid, which wants to silence children everywhere. Luckily, the kids are smarter than the adults (what kid doesn't love that?).

The Daniel Boom series is quite challenging, with harder text and small print. Kids will persevere, however, because the books are so exciting. These books are an excellent way to gently nudge kids up to the next reading level. They are also a good choice for older readers who need an easier book for decoding purposes, but are too old for "baby books."

Reading level: 3-6

An Arthurian Legend in Middle School

Knights of the Lunch Table: No. 1 (The Dodgeball Chronicles)
Knights of the Lunch Table: No. 1 (The Dodgeball Chronicles)

Artie King is the hero of this graphic novel, which takes place at Camelot Middle School. He and his best friends, Percy and Wayne, have to stand up against the bullies at school and prove that they are brave and smart.


Knights of the Lunch Table: A Graphic Novel for 4-5th Grade Boys

Knights of the Lunch Table is an engaging graphic novel that is well suited to fourth and fifth grade boys. The story takes place in an unusual school, where Artie has to deal with bullies, a geeky girl that has a crush on him, and an evil principal. Artie also has two best friends; one is short, chubby and loves cookies, and the other is tall, and has a talent for electronics.

The text in this graphic novel is printed in an easy-to-read font which is great for dyslexic students. The different characters make for an excellent buddy reading experience; kids can read the parts of Artie and his friends, and adults can play the part of the teachers and devious principal.

Reading level: 4-5 (approximate)

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      4 years ago from Central PA

      Thank you, Rachel!

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      Rachel Horon 

      4 years ago from Indiana

      A great selection of boys' books with important tips for all reluctant readers.


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