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Best Books of Jodi Picoult

Updated on July 23, 2013
Jodi Picoult books
Jodi Picoult books

What do you do when your daughter, who is a perfect match to donate blood, bone marrow, etc. to your sick child, decides to go to court to fight for the rights to her own body and refuses to donate to her dying sister?

Would you sue your best friend just for the money to take care of your child who suffers from brittle bone syndrome?

How do you react when your community's well-loved retired teacher and Little League coach asks you to help end his life because he feels he deserves to die for being a Nazi SS guard?

"Picoult is a master of the craft of storytelling."

-Book Review, AP news wire.

About Jodi Picoult...

Bestselling American author, Jodi Picoult, tackles these thought provoking issues and many more in her numerous, award winning novels. Her 20+ stories cover moral and ethical dilemmas in fiction with incredible detail and emotion. She has a way of getting the reader completely sucked into the story, both mentally and emotionally, and leaving them absolutely stunned at the end of the book, struggling to come back to reality.

There have been five film adaptations of her novels to date, four lifetime original movies and one feature film, My Sister's Keeper, which helped boost her career and brought on many new fans. There are over 14 million copies of her books printed worldwide and the last seven novels have all debuted at number one on the New York Times Bestseller List.

As a graduate from Harvard with a very high IQ, Picoult puts a lot of research and study into her novels. She interviews anyone she can find who relates to the topics of her novels and is very particular about making sure all details are accurate. There is very little she won't do to make sure she has a complete understanding of her current story topic, including observing cardiac surgery, spending a day in jail, and staying with an Amish family for a week.

Listed here are a few of her most successful novels:

My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult
My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult

1. My Sister's Keeper

When young Kate is diagnosed with Leukemia, her parents are devastated. Neither of them are matches to donate for their daughter to keep her healthy, so they decide to have another child. Anna is genetically conceived to be a perfect match for Kate and spends much of her childhood in hospitals, donating bone marrow, blood, etc. to keep her sister alive. Things change dramatically when 13-year-old Anna consults a lawyer and decides that she no longer wants to be her sister's donor. Be prepared for a twist in this story that will take you weeks to recover from (keep in mind, the book ending is very different from the movie ending). According to the American Library Association, My Sister's Keeper is one of the most often banned books because of it's intense topic and sensitive issues.

Watch "My Sister's Keeper"

Handle With Care - Jodi Picoult
Handle With Care - Jodi Picoult

Read "Handle With Care"

2. Handle With Care

Parents, Sean and Charlotte, are in financial debt from all the medical bills that have accumulated over the years of caring for their extremely fragile daughter. Little Willow has Type III Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), better known as brittle bone syndrome. Her bones are so weak and fragile that a slight bump could send her to the hospital with a fracture or break. When the financial strain becomes too much, a lawyer suggests a wrongful birth lawsuit. If they sue the OB/GYN who treated Charlotte and claim that they would have aborted the child had they been informed of the condition, they would have the money to cover the medical bills and continue to care for Willow. What makes this story so intense is that the OB/GYN who is being sued is Piper, Charlotte's own best friend and Willow's godmother. This lawsuit could be beneficial for Willow, but could destroy Piper's career.

3. The Storyteller

Sage Singer is an anti-social baker or prefers to be alone. She is attending a grief support group to get council after her mother passed away and soon befriends a 95-year-old man, Josef Weber, who is also attending the group. She is faced with difficult decisions when he asks her to help him end his life. He is ashamed of his past as a Nazi officer and feels that he deserves to die. Sage's grandmother is a holocaust survivor and the reader will learn of the horrors she dealt with as well as the story of Josef. What will Sage do? Show mercy and forgiveness? Or justice and revenge?

Read "House Rules"

4. House Rules

In this murder mystery, Jacob Hunt is a teenager with Asperger's Syndrome who has a strong passion for forensic analysis. He loves to show up at crime scenes and direct the police officers in their investigation. When Jess Ogilvy, his social skills counselor, is found dead, all evidence points to him. Because of his autism, Jacob struggles with his social skills and can't express himself well. His lack of eye contact, twitches, etc. are similar to the reactions of a guilty person and lead everyone to believe that he is the murderer. Jacob's fingerprints are found at the scene as well as other significant clues, but is there more to the story?

Read "Between The Line"

5. Between the Lines

This is Jodi Picoult's first young adult novel and was actually co-written by her daughter, Samantha Van Leer, who came up with the story.
Delilah is a lonely teenager who hates school and loves books, one book in particular, titled "Between the Lines". She reads the book over and over and becomes infatuated with the story's main character, Oliver. Little does she know that Oliver is interested in her as well. The characters in her book all have lives, dreams, and aspirations, and when they're not "acting out" the story as Delilah is reading the book, they are carrying on with their lives. Except for Oliver, who is desperate to find a way out of the book. Oliver and Delilah soon find that they can communicate and Delilah sets out to find a way to free him from the book, but a story can't be changed, can it?


Picoult has touched on many different topics in her novels and raises questions many people don't want to face. Her stories will pull you in and leave you absorbed until the very last page. Check out the rest of her novels on her amazon page.

What is your favorite Jodi Picoult novel?

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Jodi Picoult book list
Jodi Picoult book list


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