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Four Best Children’s Books to Help Give Up the Pacifier or Binky

Updated on August 16, 2010

A pacifier is a great comfort object for many babies and toddlers. While a pacifier has both benefits and disadvantages to begin with, prolonged use of a pacifier or binky often has only disadvantages. Using a binky beyond the age of 2 is linked to speech disorders, problems with teeth alignment, middle ear infections as well as difficulty in sleeping. However, getting a baby to give up the binky is not an easy task. It often means a lot of tears, unhappy faces and sleepless nights. Using books to introduce the concept of giving up the pacifier can help parents and make the change a happy and pleasant one.

Here are four great children’s books to make giving up the pacifier easy, happy and tear-free.

Goodbye Binky: The Binky Fairy Story by Sinead A. Condon

This wonderfully entertaining book with beautiful illustrations is the story of Billy and his beloved blue and white binky. The story is simple: Billy is now 2 years old and needs to part with his binky. But is he ready? How does he give up his favorite binky? Parents and kids will enjoy reading this simply written yet highly effective book as they make the transition to self-soothing and independent sleeping. There is also a lovely poem to complete the process and can serve as a mantra for toddlers and older children as they learn to spend time without a pacifier. This book has received great reviews on Amazon and parents swear by its ability to help wean children off pacifiers or binkies.

No More Pacifiers by Melanie O’ Brien

 A lovely, board book which introduces children to 8 different toddlers who need to give up their pacifiers, magically and to enjoy other fun stuff that they couldn’t do with a pacifier in the mouth. Perfect for babies and toddlers, this book is illustrated wonderfully, has simple language and the countdown method works really well to increase the kiddie appeal of the book. The book begins with 8 toddlers at a birthday party, all with a pacifier in the mouth. With every turn of the page, a pacifier disappears and the child finds another fun thing to do. Kids will have tons of fun reading the book and learn to part with their adored comfort object happily.  

Baby’s Binky Box by Jennifer Ormond

 This is a simple, cute and short little story about a Baby and his beloved Binky. What sets this book apart from the others is that it adds a dash of creativity to the weaning process. Baby and Mommy make a lovely Binky box for binky to sleep in. This book will be perfect for toddlers who can help in the box-making activity and feel empowered about giving up their pacifier. The illustrations are absolutely adorable and the easy-to-understand language makes it a great read for all babies and toddlers, regardless of whether they use a pacifier or not.  

No More Pacifier for Piggy by Bernette Ford

A beautiful book that shows kids how giving up the pacifier can help them have more fun. The book begins with Piggy and Ducky playing together but Piggy’s pacifier keeps falling out each time he laughs. So, Ducky has him leave it on the table. At the end of the play session, Piggy realizes that he doesn’t need the pacifier and in fact, has more fun without it. Charming, adorable and sweet, this book is great to read with a toddler and help reduce pacifier dependency in an easy and fun manner.


Kids’ books like these are great for helping babies and toddlers give up the pacifier or binky before it is too late. Parents can use a combination of books to find the best mix for their binky-loving baby and make weaning time easy and happy. Children’s books are great to help with a variety of issues such as anger management, healthy eating and even, green living. Books help a child to feel empowered about making a change or taking a decision. Do use any of these books to help your little one say bye-bye to his binky, pacifier or passie.



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    • Tolovaj profile image

      Tolovaj 4 years ago

      Some of our dentists are also willing to exchange small toys for pacifiers:) It's annoying and persistent habit and it's good to see there are so many books which can help to get rid of it.

    • profile image

      Briony 6 years ago

      Another great book brought out this year is 'The Diddy Tree' by Michelle Mckenna.

      It's a brilliant little story, using the unique idea of a 'diddy tree' and if children hang their dummies on it by the morning the diddy fairies will have exchanged them for gifts..

      I know friends who have used this concept and it's worked brilliantl in getting their little ones to give up their dummies!

      I highly recommend it!