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Best Fairy Tale Retellings In Young Adult

Updated on December 14, 2015

The Lunar Chronicles

Fairy Tale retellings seem to be all of the rage right now in the world of young adult books, television and movies. Once Upon a Time is a very popular television show all about fairy tale characters retold. Cinderella is getting a live action movie, and Maleficent is about to come out on the big screen starring Angelina Jolie.

There have been quite a few fairy tale retellings in the young adult genre, but only a couple have really taken off storm.

The Lunar Chronicles
The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer have been wildly popular in the bookasphere. I refused for the longest time to read them but finally caved, and man am I glad I did!

Book one in the series is Cinder, which is a retelling of Cinderella. And oh my stars this book issoo good! It takes a while in the beginning to get used to the world because it's set in the future, but once you get over that it's hard to put the book down!

Book two in the series is Scarlet, which is a retelling about Little Red Riding Hood. Cinder and it's characters appear in this book as well.

Book three in the series is Cress, which is a retelling about Rapunzel. Again the characters from Cinder and Scarlet appear in this book.

I think there is supposed to be four books in the series. The next book is going to be called Winter which will be about Snow White. If you are into scifi, fairy tales, addictive writing and hilarious dialogue between characters pick this series up!!! It's spacey and cool. Plus tough heroine alert!!

Splintered Series

Splintered Series
Another series that has taken off as soon as it was published is the Splintered Series by AG Howard. This series was highly anticipated before it even released. I had mine preorder months and months in advance. The catch? It's an Alice in Wonderland retelling. Now you can either go really right or really wrong with an Alice in Wonderland retelling. And AG NAILED it. She has the perfect blend of madness, creepy gothicness and well developed lovable characters. The characters are amazing. (Morpheus *swoons*) But the thing that really knocked me off me feet was Wonderland and how she described it. It's so vivid and rich and of course mad.

Splintered is book one in the series.

Unhinged is book two in the series.

There is going to be a third book, which I believe is the last and it will be called Ensnared. If you love Alice in Wonderland like I do, or if you just like whimsical fairy tales with a splash of gothic then you will love this series. The ratings on Goodreads don't lie.

Dorothy Must Die Series
This series literally just came out a few weeks ago. Much like Splintered everyone was buzzing about it in the bookasphere. I had this one preordered as well. This is a retelling of The Wizard of Oz. Which also could be a hit or miss. But Danielle Paige did an incredible job. This Oz is nothing like the movie. It's much much darker but still has that touch of magic.

Dorothy Must Die is book one in the series. Book two should come out next year. I believe it's supposed to be a trilogy. I recommend people ages 15 and up to read this because there is some swearing, violence, and drug usage. Not in Kansas anymore.

Those are my top picks for best fairy tale retellings in young adult books. There are a few others out there, but these really are the best, and their ratings can back them up on that! I highly recommend you add these to your must read pile!


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