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Best Halloween Picture Books for Kids

Updated on September 17, 2010

Why Buy Halloween Picture Books for Kids?

Make Halloween less spooky for little ones with this selection of the best Halloween picture books for kids. Picture books are perfect choices for kids who don't know how to read yet. It helps them learn firsthand how intriguing and fun books can be. With colorful, imaginative pictures to keep them even more engaged in the story, well-written picture books are definitely worth the investment in your young child's future education.

Picture books are also excellent choices for beginning readers. The simple but lively stories give them confidence in their reading abilities and the illustrations help them stay interested when the reading may get a bit challenging. Below are some favorite picture books for Halloween. You can't go wrong choosing any of these quality picture books, for they are truly some of the best Halloween picture books for kids.

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Here Comes Halloween! Picture Book

For the very youngest witches and wizards, a recommended Halloween picture book is by the talented children's author, Caroline Jayne Church, titled "Here Comes Halloween!" This cute Halloween story centers around a little boy who just can't decide what Halloween costume he wants to wear for trick-or-treating. Should he be a pirate? A monkey?

This great little book keeps kids interested with its many interactive pages that have flaps to open with delightful surprises and lots of things to touch and explore. And it's a board book so it will withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Halloween picture books - Big Pumpkin
Halloween picture books - Big Pumpkin

Buy Big Pumpkin Picture Book for Halloween

One of the Best Halloween Picture Books for Kids

Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman and illustrator S.D. Schindler is truly one of the best Halloween picture books for kids. This book has both beautiful writing and matching illustrations. Find out about the witch who planted a pumpkin seed for a pumpkin pie. But the pumpkin gets too big, and she can't get it out of the garden. She gets a lot of help from interesting creatures- a vampire, ghost, mummy, and bat. The story is actually based on a Russian folk story.

Parents as well as kids will adore this book. The sing-song lilt of the story makes it great fun to both read aloud and listen while it is being read. Pair that with the eye-catching full page illustrations showing the story as it unfolds, and you have a true winner! Another great thing about this story is that it can last beyond Halloween. It's truly a story suitable for the entire autumn season.

"Room on the Broom" Halloween Picture Book

This Halloween picture book is by the award-winning children's picture book team, Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler. "Room on the Broom" tells the story of the friendly witch that just couldn't say no. She continues to pick up stragglers who want a ride on her broomstick. Is there truly enough room on the broom?

This is another Halloween picture that is so well-written in rhyme. It is just fun to hear aloud. And the illustrations will bring a smile to your face. This book is worth purchasing just for the end illustration alone.

Halloween Picture Books for Kids About Cute Monsters

"My Monster Mama Loves Me So" is a Halloween picture book for kids of the youngest ages. Even toddlers will delight in this fuzzy warm story of a monster mama's love for her own little one. Find out all of the ways she shows her love for her little monster with the cute rhyming verses.

Kids will never get tired of seeing all of the adorable monsters illustrated throughout the book. The illustrations are so detailed, they will hold your child's attention as he finds something different at every sitting.

This story is so cute and non-threatening that not only is it a great picture book for Halloween, but it makes a perfect choice for a bedtime story every night of the year.

Halloween Picture Books for Kids - Adults Love Them, Too!

No matter which of these Halloween picture books for kids you choose for your witches or wizards, both you and your children will want to read them again and again. Be prepared to read any of these Halloween picture books for kids many times before Halloween is over, and probably after, too!

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      Better Living 5 years ago

      Room on the Broom sounds charming! ;)

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      Thank you for showing all these lovely books.