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Best Information to Have for an Article Summary Introduction

Updated on October 16, 2012

be prepared to edit a writing summary or introduction

duplicate introductions will hurt a writers content. this is the same as having a duplicate article around the web.
duplicate introductions will hurt a writers content. this is the same as having a duplicate article around the web. | Source
avoid asking a reader questions as par of a writing introduction or summary.
avoid asking a reader questions as par of a writing introduction or summary. | Source

writing summaries and introductions are important for getting a reader to the larger body of work

Working on writing the best introduction of an article is a critical form of writing that should be perfected. Nearly every writing site that authors use for passive writing income will require an introduction which is generally a short paragraph for articles posted on the platform. The best information to have for an article summary introduction is important to know for impressive article writing all around.

An article introduction is extremely beneficial if done correctly. Incorrectly done, the same summary can hurt the chance of an article page view or gaining back links from the article. This makes the difference between increasing passive writing income versus missing out on some valuable dollars in a writer’s wallet.

A great article summary intro translates to giving a reader some required subject matter asked for by a number of writing site platforms. Introductions for most sites are on average around 150 to 200 words. This signifies furnishing a reader a lot of info in a small amount of space. An overview of what to include that will create the best article summary introduction for every terrific piece of content posted to the web.

The article title

All articles worth reading start their online access with a wonderful title. Titles are the centerpiece to an aesthetic appeal for any writing resource. The title will contain the keywords or keyword phrases as well as gain the attention of a reader while they look through search engine content. A title brings a reader into the quality content that will be provided with an article.

The majority of terrific article intros will have the title included as a part of the material that comprises the summary. This is not a must have, but is nice to have if a writer finds their word count short of the necessary word count requirement.

Use Keywords and keyword phrases

Keywords and phrases are included in article introductions and summaries or article conclusions. Between the three, most writers will favor the article conclusion. Though, including these in the summary is not a bad thing.

Including keywords helps search engine optimization as well as indicates to a reader they are on the right track for what they came to see. Writing summaries will typically be displayed in excerpts that are shown in search engine results.

Hit major points of interests

Hitting major points of interests are excellent for the short intro for all content summaries. The best material to have for an article summary hits on the major points of interest contained in written work. There are some readers that may be searching for smaller specific points of data or material inside of a larger document. Major points will tell a reader if they are moving in the right direction to satisfy their questions.

Hitting on major points of interest will also help a reader know immediately if an article has relevant material a reader can use. Finding useful news, communications and knowledge is very beneficial and will definitely bring more page reads to the summary material as well as other material that is found useful. Back links that have been added to other relevant material will by clicked and a reader will turn into a member of a writer’s audience if pleased enough with the current content.

Highlight any unusual material

There are times when a title or piece of work is on a general subject. However, unusual or out of the ordinary info is contained within the larger writing work. When this happens writing intros should highlight the unique data and let a reader know that although the work or keywords are on general terms something special awaits their perusal.

Unusual or unique material doesn’t happen often, but when it does help take advantage of the situation and make an article stand out from the rest of the crowd on the same subject matter.

Leave the reader wanting more

Although a summary of the doc is included in the writing introduction, a reader should be left with the feeling of wanting more after reading it. The more readers are found in the situation of wanting more after inspecting the summary portion, the more likely a reader will view an article in its entirety. Leave the reader wanting more after screening the intro tied to an author’s main writing work.

Don’t ask questions in a writing summary

Including questions as part of a writing introduction can sometimes dissuade a reader from reading on. Is a writer giving an answer for a search engine query or simply presenting more questions for readers? Questions contained at this point in the overall construction of an article are usually not very beneficial.

This does not necessarily mean asking questions in the article intro. If a question is appropriate to digesting info, use it. Though, asking a question is not necessary to providing the best info for an article intro or summary. A question is actually asked by a reader that stumbled onto an article when entering a question in a search engine query. A completed writing work will give a reader an answer to the question they are asking. Therefore, questions in the intro are not necessarily a good thing.

The knowledge a reader has reached the correct doc for their search engine query is extremely important and should be revealed in a writing intro summary. Avoid asking questions in order to make a great writing summary connection with a potential member of a writer’s future audience. Connecting at the summary level means a connection for the larger piece of an author’s work and future work projects.

Back links should never be found in a great writing intro

Finding a similar piece of content online for the same subject matter does happen. This characteristically occurs when a writer has constructed a series or collection of writings that tie together through relevant back links.

Structuring content in this manner works out wonderfully for both a reader and the writer. A reader gets much more info than they initially intended from a search engine query and the writer gets more than one page view from an interested reader. With this in mind a writer will sometimes include backlinks in a writing introduction. Avoid this habit for sharing with the reader.

There are some writing summaries which include back links to related material written by the same author which is incorrect. There is a proper place to locate this material within the written article. Great back links can be included with URL links to keywords and phrases or even included in the article’s conclusion. A number of writers will use wording such as “if you enjoyed this material, try these related works of content” and add back links in the same paragraph. Whichever is more comfortable is deemed okay, but avoid including them in as info contained in a summary.

Edit a writing summary

Generating this part of an article in a writer’s own words is wonderful. If the initial summary is 400 or 500 words that need to be pared down to 150 or 200, don’t fret. Editing is a part of writing that needs to be done with every piece of content before it is posted online. Therefore, produce an initial intro with the idea it will also be edited before being posted.

Editing made to a writing intro summary is no different than editing other work. Basically, the same editing techniques for a written piece of content can be used for a writing summary. Take the time to verify spelling and grammar is correct, sentence structure is spot on and paragraphs are short and attractive.

How the intro visually appears to readers is also part of the editing technique that should not be avoided. Does it look good along with reading well? If not, make the necessary changes to make it so.

In conclusion

These are the basic concepts to put in place that help make a great writing summary work for a writer again and again with every piece of content that requires one. Do not make a written piece of content work for a writing summary, but make a writing summary work for a written piece of content.

Editing, evaluating, tweaking titles and other means outlined here can be used for sharing the best article summary introductions with interested readers. Great quality works should have excellent writing summary introductions to accompany them. This article brings writers a way to produce them time and time again.


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    • Rod Marsden profile image

      Rod Marsden 5 years ago from Wollongong, NSW, Australia

      I will thrown in a useful here.

    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

      Excellent advice and article -- summaries can be difficult to write but always pay off in readership if done well. Best/Sis

    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 5 years ago from all over the web

      i am not sure why or how that happens. there are several great questions that people are asking around hubpages related to these types of things. i hope these are answered fairly soon for hubbers by the admin.

    • tamron profile image

      tamron 5 years ago

      I noticed here on hubpages not all my summaries appear on search. Alot of times I see unwanted text in my search result. I wonder why this is happening?