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Best Magazines For iPad

Updated on November 7, 2013

With digital magazines become more and more popular over the past few years, one of the best devices for them is the iPad. They look stunning when viewed on this device, but with so many choices, how do you know what the best magazines for iPad are? Although there will be varying opinions according to what people like, there is a general list of that you can start out with while you find others that are even more geared to your specific interests.

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When deciding on what magazines to get for your iPad, you’ll want to find the ones that have the best interactive capabilities and the ones that have the best user ratings and comments. Most of these magazines will cost you a pretty penny for a subscription, so if you are not sure you want to pay a lot for the iPad magazines at first, you can try some of the best free Newsstand magazines first.

Top 6 Best Magazines For iPad

1. The Sporting News iPad magazine is considered one of the best magazines for iPad that are totally free. You manually download it every day, and after it is downloaded it can be read offline as well. You’ll be able to view full page photos, and the app takes articles from AOL’s Sporting News website, putting them in a professional magazine format. You will notice that when you read it offline some of the ads and videos are missing so it is better to view it online, but you don’t have to.

2. Dash Recipes has plenty of great photographs of food and recipes to go along with them. It is free, delivered once a month. It has the feel of a coffee table books, with lots of pictures and not a lot of content, but the photographs look great on your iPad screen. This magazine is great for collecting some delicious recipes and viewing some great photos.

3. Engadget Distro comes out once a week and it includes the best writing from Engadget from the week before. It features Retina-friendly graphics for use with the newest iPad, but you do have to open this one up and manually download it one by one because there is no automatic download or subscription.

4. TRVL is another one of the most popular Newstand magazines. Every issue features a different location, so older issues are just as good to read as new ones. There are 63 issues that you can download for free, minus the Afghanistan one that costs only $1.99. It is full of great photographs of different destinations around the world. You can also find travel advice and different travel stories, but the best part of this magazine is its stunning photography. While it is free to download, they offer you a version that costs only $0.99 a month which likely provides you with automatic downloads.

5. Huffington Post used to be a paid magazine, but now it is free to download. It is a collection of content from the Huffington Post from the previous week. You’ll get automatic weekly downloads when you subscribe.

6. GameQ is probably the best looking out of these top free iPad magazines. It comes from Gamefly and is a gamer’s magazine. It is fairly new, so you won’t find too many issues, and it is much like advertisements for the games, hyping them up rather than reviewing them. It is still a nice magazine to flip through and see how the games look, plus all the gaming platforms are covered in this magazine. The file size on this one is quite large, but it looks great on a Retina screen.

So even if you are unsure about paying a lot for a magazine subscription, you can find many of the best magazines for iPad for free. Once you try them out you can decide if there are others that you would want to pay for depending on your interests.


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