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Best Obama Jokes

Updated on August 4, 2014

only the best

Hackers working at the NSA discover that President Obama has stashed 600 billion dollars in a personal Swiss Bank Account aided by the IRS. Suddenly the news media starts asking questions. The president grants an official interview with reporters . One of the reporters ask "Mr President is that legal?"

The president looks up at the ceiling down at his feet and back up to eye level and says, "I issued an executive order."


President Obama goes out on the East lawn of the Whitehouse and tazes and then Shoots Hillary Clinton Dead. The Whitehouse press core is immediately on the scene.

"Mr. President, Is that legal:?"

The President's face flashes the expression of are you kidding me, "I issued an executive order."


President Obama orders the Supreme Court building in Washington, DC, demolished and sends in bulldozers and a wrecking ball after dynamiting the main structure from within. After the dust clears reporters from MSNBC arrive on the scene.

"Mr. President is that legal?"

"The Supreme Court was about to say my right to declare executive orders is unconstitutional so I issued an executive order."


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