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Top 10 Best Shounen Manga

Updated on February 4, 2017
Cheeky Kid profile image

Cheeky Kid has been watching anime and reading manga for as long as he can remember. Doing so takes him to different worlds.

Top 10 Best Shounen Manga
Top 10 Best Shounen Manga

In the world of manga, the “shounen” genre is the most read and most popular genre of them all. Why? It’s because it caters to everyone of all ages and kinds. It has a general scope in terms of audience. And that’s why it’s the domain of the most prevalent and well-renowned manga series in the world.

That being said, let’s stop dilly-dallying now and proceed to what you came here for. This lists the best shounen manga out there! In one way or another, you’ll undoubtedly agree and love the selection here. So what are you waiting for? Go pick the shounen manga of your liking and start reading away!

10 – Bleach

Bleach | Source

Roving wild from Soul Society is a manga whose spiritual prowess is enough to secure a spot on this list. With a Zanpaktou on one hand and a Bankai on the other, the series called Bleach has slashed its way to top 10! While it does have its own ups and downs, no one can deny Bleach’s true-blue shounen manga nature. And for that, it certainly deserves to be here!

Bleach follows the soul searching and soul hunting experiences of 15-year-old Ichigo Kurosaki. Ever since he was young, Ichigo had the ability to see ghosts. However, his ability had never really disrupted his mundane life. That is, until he stumbled upon a girl Shinigami named Rukia.

Rukia is a grim reaper who reaps souls and vanquishes hollows. With a fateful event leading her to lend Ichigo her powers, a surprising development occurs. Ichigo unwittingly gets himself involved in the greater scheme of things! From an ordinary human to a temporary Shinigami to a full-fledged Shinigami, Ichigo’s life has begun to change abruptly—all culminating in the revelation of his true destiny!

9 – Medaka Box

Medaka Box
Medaka Box | Source

Now, now, Medaka Box isn’t your typical shounen manga! It’s way more than that! And by what I’ve said, I’m not even exaggerating yet. This series embodies a lot of things. Drama, comedy, action, romance, philosophy, psychology, naked aprons—name it! And that’s how it easily snagged the ninth seat on this list. With everything said, I really REALLY urge you to read Medaka Box!

Medaka Kurokami is a first-year student in Hakoniwa Academy who was just elected as the Student Council President with a staggering 98% approval rating. As for her first act as president, it’s to set a suggestion box that everyone can use to put anything and everything from petty problems to complicated matters! Medaka promises to help no matter what or who or where or why or how! And so, Medaka’s legendary school life has started, and her peculiar box has begun to be called—the Medaka Box!

8 – Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter
Hunter X Hunter | Source

Listen to me on this, don’t mind the art! The art of the Hunter X Hunter manga may feel kinda lazy that it’s off-putting but, it’s a minor detail compared to the whole of it. The story, the setting, the execution, the twists, the action, the feel, and the adventure—there’s actually more to Hunter X Hunter than meets the eye. As a shounen manga, Hunter X Hunter is a brilliant masterpiece! And to prove that, it just hogged the #8 slot on this list.

The dream of 12-year-old boy Gon Freecs is to become a full-fledged hunter. Why? It’s because he wants to experience the adventuristic world of hunters that his father jumped in (at the cost of abandoning him) and do so while searching for him. But, becoming a hunter isn’t just a walk in the park. It’s difficult and utterly perilous!

Gon’s determination and courage are fired up more than ever though. And so, Gon will pursue his dream no matter what it takes. And the starting point is—the Hunter Licensure Examination!

7 – Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins)
Nanatsu no Taizai (The Seven Deadly Sins) | Source

With powers and abilities overpowering everything, it does make sense how Nanatsu no Taizai (a.k.a. The Seven Deadly Sins) easily managed to pull a swift victory over the others and claim the 7th position on this list. Well, fair enough! With various shounen elements blended together and unified to create a fresh creation, Nanatsu no Taizai marches in to bring fans everywhere the satisfaction they deserve.

Known throughout the continent of Britannia is the infamous criminal group—the Seven Deadly Sins! In the past, this group tried to stage a rebellion against the kingdom of Liones but failed miserably. And so, the members of the group scattered, waiting for the right time to make a comeback.

Many years later, the kingdom of Liones is in trouble once again! This time, it’s the very own “Holy Knights” of the kingdom who are spreading terror and embodying corruption. No one is brave enough to stand against them, except Princess Elizabeth who’s weak but in possession of a heart of gold. Princess Elizabeth hasn’t succumbed yet to despair and is still holding dearly to hope. Her last chance lies in the success of her undertaking: the mission of searching for the Seven Deadly Sins and urging them to save the kingdom!

6 – Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist | Source

After drawing a transmutation circle and invoking the powers of alchemy, Fullmetal Alchemist finally made it to top 6! Well, even if it didn’t transmute things to achieve victory, it’ll surely make its way here due to the fact that it’s one of the most celebrated anime of all time. And not just celebrated, Fullmetal Alchemist is highly-renowned for its perfectly crafted story and smooth execution.

Fullmetal Alchemist follows the alchemic tale of brothers Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric. In the days bygone, they have performed the ultimate taboo in alchemy—trying to bring a dead person back to life! Their forbidding attempt ended horribly with failure and with the loss Edward’s limbs and Alphonse’s whole body. And so, that day changed their lives forever!

Years later, both Edward and Alphonse (with his soul now encased in a fullmetal armor) are on the quest of searching for the all-powerful Philosopher’s Stone. It is said that whoever possesses the miraculous stone can achieve the greatest heights in alchemy. Edward and Alphonse hope that they can bring their bodies back to normal and unveil the darkness hidden in the world of alchemy.

5 – Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball | Source

Dragon Ball? Yes, Dragon Ball! If you haven’t heard of Dragon Ball before, then you might be living under a rock. It’s one of the pioneer of the shounen genre in both anime and manga. It’s chock full of stuff that people around the world—especially young boys—would definitely appreciate and enjoy. It’s quite a classic already, yes, but that’s the reason why it’s here on the top 5 spot.

This is the grand story of a boy named Son Goku. From birth, Goku was clearly meant for something gigantic. He spends his life training and becoming stronger. Day by day, he becomes more powerful, enabling him to save the world every time it’s in danger. Then, there’s the seven dragon balls. Collect them all and a wish of any caliber shall be granted. With endless training, beating up baddies, and collecting the dragon balls in Goku’s mundane life, an adventure that may well transcend the boundaries of the universe awaits!

4 – Magi

Magi | Source

Looking for a shounen manga that is magical in nature and capable of beguiling you into endless reading? Well, this is it! The manga you’re looking for is Magi! Not only does it lure you into its mystical world, it compels you to enjoy the impressive adventure as if you’re actually taking part in it. This is Magi, and its stuff of dreams that you will surely hold dear.

One by one, towers called “Dungeons” are emerging around the world. Little is known about them, but there’s one thing that’s certain about them—once conquered, the conqueror receives great power, fame, and wealth! This is the nature of the dungeons, and many have become ambitious, hoping to conquer them and gain the things they desire the most.

Somewhere in the world, a strange boy arises from nowhere. His name is Aladdin, and he’s a Magi! His role? It’s to search for worthy kings, lead them to greatness, and keep the balance of the world in equilibrium!

3 – Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail | Source

Fairy Tail has cast a powerful spell in order to secure the third seat on this list. Yes, it’s on top 3! And it made it because it’s such a funny shounen manga that takes its readers to rad magical adventures. So, is it worth it? Definitely! With a mixture of elements creating a wonderful magical spell, Fairy Tail’s enchanting ways just can’t help but lure you in.

The story of Fairy Tail begins with a 17-year-old girl named Lucy Heartfilia. She’s a celestial mage capable of summoning the celestial beings. And her wish witnessed by the stars? It’s to join the infamous wizard guild—Fairy Tail!

Fairy Tail is a well-known wizard guild that is both fun and wacky. It houses the craziest and wildest wizards of them all. But despite all the notoriety and noise, Fairy Tail is one that values camaraderie about all—and that’s why it’s indomitable! And this guild is the guild Lucy wishes to join deep in her heart.

2 – Naruto

Naruto | Source

Who doesn’t Naruto? It’s totally impossible to not know Naruto, I mean, it’s the most famous ninja series in both anime and manga form. And up to the present, its name is still heard throughout the lands! That’s how popular and mainstream it is. And for that, it’s here on top 2!

Naruto follows the story of a young ninja whose guts will lead him to great success—success that is the stuff of legends! He is Naruto, and he’s a ninja who will prove to everyone that he’s well-worthy of respect and will, in due time, become the head of the Hidden Leaf Village—the Hokage!

Of course, the road to being a great ninja, and a Hokage to boot isn’t an easy one. Especially with him being hated by almost everyone because of the accursed nine-tailed fox sprit inside of him. Well, Naruto isn’t giving up anytime soon! “Never give up!”—that is Naruto’s ultimate ninja way!

1 – One Piece

One Piece
One Piece | Source

OK, we’re finally here at last! Presenting, the top 1 on the list of best shounen manga! And the top 1 is none other than—One Piece! Don’t believe me? Well, as a fact, One Piece is the highest selling manga of all time! It tops everything in the world of manga. Why else would it be the highest selling manga of all time then? With a revolutionary epic story, a great set of characters, and a totally to-die-for overall plot development and execution, One Piece is truly the bomb!

The age of pirates is upon us, and Monkey D. Luffy’s ambition is to become the greatest pirate of all—the Pirate King! But before everything else, he must first take a voyage to the perilous seas and assemble his very own pirate crew. And then, it’s onwards to Grand Line—the place where the legendary One Piece is located. Will Luffy be able to transcend above all difficulties and crazy situations? Will he be able to achieve his dreams and become the Pirate King? This all up to Luffy now, so bon voyage!

Are you an avid reader of the shounen genre in manga?

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    • Cheeky Kid profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheeky Kid 

      2 years ago from Milky Way

      @Midoriya You're right! I should consider adding that soon. Plus Ultra!!!

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I would like to add Boku no Hero Academia on the list. That one's really good too.


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