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Best Quality Books for Babies 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014
Moo Baa La La La is a book which has cute pictures and teaches your baby the animal sounds.
Moo Baa La La La is a book which has cute pictures and teaches your baby the animal sounds.

Top Rated Books for Infants and Babies for 2013

Your baby is never too young to sit down with you and begin reading books. A good baby book has pictures that allows your baby to interact with you and get a jump start on learning.

As a Father of 4 I've noticed that having a story read to them every night before bed gets them into the routine of settling down for the night. At this young age that can be worth its weight in gold.

Benefits of Early Reading:

Babies who look at books and are read to, learn faster and speak sooner. When they're a bit older they'll be naturally drawn to books and reading.

I personally believe that all parents should give their children that advantage. Here are several highly rated books for your little one that I've found particularly engaging.

We love all Baby Books By Karen Katz
We love all Baby Books By Karen Katz

My Favorite Infant and Baby Books in 2013

First Books for Babies - Ages 0-2

Where is Baby's Belly Button?

Written by Karen Katz, this cute book helps your baby learn how to find something that is hidden. With easy to lift flaps, they can find the items they are looking for.

Where are baby's eyes, or hands? Lift the flap and find out!

It teaches them that just because something is out of sight that is hasn't disappeared. Your baby may also find joy in extending the book into their daily routine as you get them dressed and ask where their belly button is!

A Page from The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton
A Page from The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton
5 stars for The Going To Bed Book

The Going To Bed Book

Children go through phases sometimes where they just don't want to go to bed. It is proven that a bedtime routine helps children settle down much better.

When picking a good silly book to read, they might just have fun and be more willing to slip under the covers.

In this book by Sandra Boynton, animals watch the sun set and then they get ready for bed. A whole nighttime routine is established in this book from brushing their teeth to saying good night and everything in between.

Pretty soon, your difficult little one will want to be just like the characters in their favorite book and get ready for bed too!

The Peek-a WHO book is made especially for your baby's little hands.
The Peek-a WHO book is made especially for your baby's little hands.

Peek a Who?

The classic game of peek-a-boo is played with children all over the world. They will love taking it to another level with this book.

With little windows, the reader will have to guess and then discover just who is playing peekaboo with them.

Made for babies hands, the book is easy to handle and the pages easy to turn. With all their favorite animals to play their favorite game with them in their favorite book, your little one will add this to their most loved collection of books.

Moo Baa La La La

Along with body parts and colors, it seems that animals are one of the first things we teach our babies, and what noises those animals make.

Babies have lots of fun learning what animals are and mimicking their noises from mooing to honking to barking, they will love this silly book.

So get this book for your little one and start on the road to learning!

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Babies learn a lot through rhymes and music. This classic song, made into a book, will help them learn where their body parts are and keep them singing for hours.

When you sing and move your body, the brain is firing on both sides and that stimulates the rapid brain development that babies are going through at such a young age.

They will love showing off their head, shoulders, knees and toes to anyone who will watch!

Pat the Bunny Touch and Feel Book

Can you pat the bunny? Your baby will love going through each activity that is provided in this book.

This book is a classic that is still loved today as babies learn through textiles. Each activity is created to stimulate your baby's brain and keep them excited for the next!

From peekaboo, to feeling textures, to smelling flowers, you baby is sure to love this very interactive book and you will love watching them learn what to do as they problem solve.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pop Up Book

Pop up books give a different kind of experience than just reading. The words are magical as the pictures leap out of the page, literally!

Your baby will find this book very exciting as each page brings another picture that open up for their pleasure. The caterpillar is so very hungry and will eat up almost anything he encounters from fruit to candies.

He goes through is journey to butterflyhood and it will teach your child how caterpillars change into a different kind of insect!

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon is a great bedtime story that will be loved for years.

The young rabbit that stars in this book does not want to go to sleep! He lingers on awake as he says goodnight to everything he possibly can until he is just so tired he cannot keep his eyes open.

Yawn a few times while you read it, and as yawns are contagious, your baby may just catch on and fall asleep before you are even done reading. Engage your child with the picture and have them find the little mouse that shows up on every page.

First 100 Words

This sturdy book will last for years as your little ones read it over and over.

There are 100 everyday words that are listed in the book to help your baby learn to speak and have an extensive vocabulary.

What parent doesn't want their child to be smart? With this book you are giving them the head start they need to be as bright as they can be.

Daddy Hugs

We Dads work very hard and most Dads don't see their children during the week except in the evenings around dinner and bedtime.

Start a new family tradition where Dad reads the bedtime story and let this one become a favorite.

This book also helps your baby learn how to count. Not only will your baby love having Daddy's attention, they will adore being able to hug him so much! Remember that we dad's love hugs too!

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Final Thoughts

You should ready to your child as much as possible in there early years. Remember that there's no time which is too soon to start. for more great baby and kid books, gifts, and ideas be sure to check out my profile. Also, be sure to leave your opinion in the open comment section at the bottom of the page.

Which book does your baby love most?

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