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Five Vampire Fantasy Series that you must Read

Updated on November 5, 2015

Hi, Who doesn't want to read some exciting fantasy books specially when they are based on VAMPIRES!!! one of the most interesting creatures of fantasy world and series of books are always better.

So here is a list of five very interesting and exciting fantasy series of modern world based on vampires that one must read and which you can easily get in any good book store or online on amazon, flip-kart etc. you can also buy the eBooks and I can assure you that you would definitely love them.

Disclaimer - I am no critic or judge of the bestsellers, I am not here to declare any result that which is the best book and I don't intend to offend any other writer it's just that these are the series I have read and if you want my suggestion I would say they are very good books and you must definitely read them. They are not based on any order also, I mean just because vampire diaries is at last does not mean that I prefer it least among others. They are all equally interesting for me

Morganville Vampires

This is one of the longest and most interesting series of novels I have ever read. It is a series of 15 main books and 16 short stories written by Rachel Caine starting from the book GLASS HOUSE. This series rotates around a normal human girl named Claire who happens to be very intelligent and her friends Shane, Michael and Eve living in Glass house" in a town called Morganville which is actually controlled by the vampires divided in mainly two groups. Claire is a brilliant student who comes to study in TPU but somehow gets involved in the crucial matters of vampires helping them as well as defending herself from them and at the same time advocating for equal rights of humans. This series also contains few other fantasy creatures like ghosts etc and at the same time remaining in the modern world of exceptional Scientific technologies unknown to even humans also.

So I suggest you don't wait and get started with this awesome series by

Vampire Academy

This is again a very interesting series of six books written by Richelle Mead starting from the book Vampire Academy itself and you can watch a movie also based on this book but I always prefer books over movie. What makes this series very interesting that it has combined vampires with magic with vampires having elemental power and is based on clash among vampires mainly rather than between vampires and humans. This is also based on modern world with vampire students living and studying in a school for vampires and moroi where two different kinds of vampires Moroi and Strigoi have been shown. Strigoi are like kind of after dead version of moroi but the main character of this series is Rose who is Dhampir which is like combination of vampire and human and she is the protector of her best friend and last of her family Vasilisa Dragomir throughout the journey of this series.

Vampire Journals

It's a series of 11 books written by Morgan Rice who is the author of many other well known books. This series starts from the book "TURNED" and the whole series mainly rotates around Caitlin Paine, an 18 year old girl who is not very happy with her life because of the continuous changing of her mother's job and their home. One constant good thing in her life is her younger brother Sam.They both look after each other but Caitlin had to face some changes in her body like incredible strength and a desire to feed as she is coming to age of her being turned and entering into the world of vampires where she comes to know that she belongs to a extremely powerful coven of vampires and she has to fulfill her destiny and to go on a mission that would ultimately save the world from an evil coven of vampires but there are moments in life where she has to choose between love and duty. What makes this book very interesting is the concept of time-travel. This series starts from the the modern world but showing traveling backwards in time portrays so many different periods of time and their cultures even to the time of Jesus, where Caitlin is shown to interact with Jesus himself. The different time periods shown in this series gives it a very nice touch and makes it worth reading.


This is a series of 4 books written by Stephenie Meyer and belongs to section of romance as much as to fantasy starting with the book Twilight itself. The book features vampires but the story mainly revolves around the love of Bella and Edward. Love triangle formed by the presence of Jacob( a werewolf) gives a new angle to the story after all who doesn't love to see the clash between vampires and werewolves. Another interesting aspect of this series is the presence of extra abilities in some vampires which makes the clashes and story very exciting like Edward is able to hear thoughts and his sister Alice can see the future. There are other vampires also with different abilities but I won't spoil your fun so it's better if you read about them youself.

Vampire Diaries

It is a series of 13 books in which first 7 books were written by L.J.Smith and other three by unknown Ghostwriter and last three by Aubrey Clark. The story at first revolves around Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert and is mostly love story with vampire characters adding spice to it but as the story proceeds more characters comes into play and we get to see love triangles and many different but interesting aspects more related to vampire life than the love life. Constantly changing aspects of this series makes it very interesting and definitely worth reading.


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