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Best Vampire Romance Books Ever for Young Adults

Updated on April 15, 2015

As a 28-year-old, I still enjoy many a young adult vampire romance series. I decided to separate young adult vampire series from my other hub on adult vampire romance books, and am slowly working my way through a flurry of books and my personal reviews on them. This is a completely opinion-derived article, based on my personal preference of vampire romance books for young adults that I have come across and read. I love hearing feedback from other avid fans.

Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

This popular young adult vampire romance series has been an astounding hit with tweens, teens and even adults. While there is a lot of controversy to the "quality" of writing for this vampire romance series, it's popularity cannot be denied.

The series starts off with Bella, who is a teenage girl who moves to the rainy town of Forks to live with her father, where she meets the Cullens. After a near-fatal accident, she learns that gorgeous Edward Cullen is something... different--a vampire. When a tracker vampire determines Bella will be his next challenge, Bella must hide for her life.

The Vampire Diaries by L. J. Smith

The Vampire Diaries was the second young adult vampire romance series I read. I have only read the first two books, and have not read any of the newer ones (The Return). I was a big fan of Elena's maturity. There is nothing like an annoying heroine to ruin a great story with hunky vampire brothers that are both in love with you. The rest of the series is on my to-read list. I would love to hear other opinions of these books. I know the series must be good to have inspired the CW show, The Vampire Diaries, which I watch as a filler between seasons of True Blood.

House of Night by P.C. Cast

16-year-old Zoey Redbird learns that she has the mark of a vampyre. Leaving behind her friends and family, she enrolls in the House of Night school where she is trained to become an adult vampyre-- if she can survive the Change. She soon learns she has been marked by the goddess Nyx, and uses her power to uncover the mystery behind the Daughters of Darkness with the help from her new vampyre friends and love interest Erik.

This was not one of my favorite books; however, it is a popular series so I felt it was prudent to add.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

I just finished reading this 6-book series and must admit that I loved it, even as a 28-year-old. Rose Hathaway is a dhamphir who guards live vampires (Moroi) from the undead vampires (Strigoi). The series begins with Rose finishing up high school and ends as her maturing and evolving into a wiser woman. There are a few love stories in this to follow, for main character Rose as well as side characters. The world is diverse from many vampire worlds in other series. Richelle Mead is a very talented writer and I have been impressed with all of her writing so far (Vampire Academy and Succubus Blues). Definitely in my favorites pile!

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Bloodlines is a spinoff of Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. Sydney, Jill (Lisa's sister), Eddy and Adrian are prominent characters. I would recommend Vampire Academy before starting Bloodlines, however it is not necessary. Sydney is an alchemist that has been trained to help vampires,but not necessarily to like them and definitely not to mingle with them. She is sent to protect Jill, the queen's sister, who has been sent into hiding. I am so glad to see Adrian get more book time as he was really awesome character and I highly recommend this series if you were a fan of Vampire Academy and/or Richelle Mead.

The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine

The Morganville Vampires stars a young and awkward Claire who is very intelligent and gets to go to college at a younger age, making it hard for her to make any friends. She ends up in an eerie town where she is harassed incessantly by the other girls in her dorm, forcing her to search elsewhere for housing accommodations. She notices that no one seems to go out after dark, and no one seems to want to acknowledge it either. The problem is, Claire's new roommates don't seem that much safer either...


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      carolinemoon 6 years ago

      Great list here. Thanks for posting.

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      Informative page.