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Best books for 3 year old boys

Updated on December 13, 2010

What are the best books for 3 year old boys?

My son has just turned 3 and this article lists the best books for 3 year old boys based on the stories that he loves.

When choosing books for 3 year olds it's good to choose books that are fun. Pop up books, books featuring puppets, books where you can do silly voices and books where they can join in all make good choices.

Read on to discover the best books for 3 year old boys and why my son likes these books so much.

Funny books for 3 year old boys

I love this book and my 3 year old boy does too. It's so funny. Little Rabbit Foo Foo is riding through the forest, bopping different creatures on the head (wriggly worms, tigers, goblins). The good fairy warns him 3 times to change his attitude, otherwise she'll turn him into a goonie.

My son can now repeat this book word for word and quite often will just say it out loud for fun. A top choice of book for 3 year old boys.

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Great books for 3 year old boys

Giraffes can't dance is a lovely book, that rhymes, has fantastic pictures and is a good moral story too. Gerald is a tall giraffe, but is different from the other animals because he can't dance. All the animals laugh at Gerald's dancing. Eventually Gerald finds a different tune to dance to and the other animals can't believe how good a dancer he actually is. This is great for teaching children that it's okay to be different. My son loves the story and I love reading it. The best story with a moral for 3 year old boys.

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Books on cars, trucks and vehicles

At the moment my 3 year old son loves cars, trucks, fire engines and any other vehicle you can think of. Therefore I try and capture his imagination by reading him books about different vehicles. My truck is stuck is a very special book in this genre and most 3 year old boys will love this book. It's a book that rhymes with colorful illustrations. The truck is stuck in a pothole and the dog driver asks for help from many passing vehicles including a school bus, a van and a car. Eventually, a toe truck arrives to save the day. One of the best books for 3 year old boys who love cars, trucks and vans!

 My son was bought this book a couple of months before his 3rd birthday at Christmas and I didn't think he'd like it. I've just tried this book out tonight and he made me read it to him 3 times. He was really enthralled by this book as it is covers every child's fear, separation from their mother. The baby owls wake up in the middle of the night and their mother was GONE. When the mother owl returns a huge smile comes across my 3 year old boy's face. I really liked reading this story and I think this will become another favorite.

Puppet books

 My son loves his puppet book. Puppet books are such fun. You put your hand through the back of the book into the puppet and use the puppet to read the story. You can have some great interaction with 3 year old boys and puppet books. They can also have a go themselves.

I have featured 2 puppet books opposite. One is Elmo and the song if You're happy and you know it clap your hands. The other is a donkey singing the banyard boogie!!

Lift the flap books

My 3 year old is a big fan of interactive books and he loves lifting the flaps in different books.

I have featured a couple of lift the flap books which are perfect for 3 year old boys opposite.

The first one is a dinosaur lift the flap books. Look for ones that feature topics 3 year old boys are interested in and a lift the flap book will be a winner.

The second one is about cars, trucks, planes and trains.. There are over 40 flaps to lift so lots to talk about and do.

Classic books for 3 year old boys

 There are lots and lots of great classic books suitable for 3 year old boys. You can't go wrong with a book that has stood the test of time like the very hungery caterpillar. My son loves this book and is a frequently requested story at bedtime. The version featured here is a pop up book, which 3 year old boys are fascinated by. This book is always a good choice.

Character books

Get 3 year old boys engaged with reading by choosing books featuring their favorite TV characters. My son loves Thomas so we have a range of books featuring Thomas the tank engine. The one featured opposite is a great Thomas book. It's educational and interactive with numbers to count, colors to name and flaps to lifts. I think this is the best Thomas the tank engine book for 3 year old boys.

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    • profile image

      funky23 6 years ago from Deutschland

      really helpfull

    • profile image

      JK  7 years ago

      My kids love Thomas the tank engine and Very hungry caterpillar. I will check out Owl Babies. Thank you LOU1842!!