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Best eBook Readers for India

Updated on October 18, 2014

India is a very diverse country. There are so many languages in India. Indian literature has a rich heritage. There has been thousands of books written in the languages like, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, etc. Readers find it easy to connect themselves to the words describing their own culture. A person always likes to read a book in his own language.

As the time changed, the book format also changed. The books are now available in eBook edition. It took time for the native Indian languages to accept this change. But now the Indian book publishers are changing for the better. Some eBook Readers allow you to buy and read a book in Indian language. You can read the book in your own language on your smart phone.

eBook Store and Reader for India

NewsHunt Book Store for the eBooks in Indian Languages.
NewsHunt Book Store for the eBooks in Indian Languages.

NewsHunt eBook Reader - Books in Indian Languages

NewsHunt is a well known application for reading the top newspapers across the India in all languages. They have now added the "Books" section in their application. When you install NewsHunt app on your smart phone, they ask you to choose your language. Then this app displays the content in that language. For example, if you chose Marathi, you will see Marathi Newspapers in the News section and Marathi eBooks in the Books section of this app.

You can browse through the different categories of books. Buying a book of your choice is very easy. Though debit card, credit card, net banking, Paypal are the supported mode of payments, you do not even need a debit card or credit card to purchase a book. You can pay from your mobile balance. I bought many eBooks using this payment mode.

There is also a section for free eBooks. You can instantly download these eBooks on your smart phone. NewsHunt is a good eBook reader too. You can change font size and the background. I prefer reading eBooks with black background, as it is good for the eyes. There is also the table of content and the progress bar. You can take notes by bookmarking the page. NewsHunt is a great app that is actually promoting the Indian literature. Indians around the world now can read the books in their own mother tongue at low price.

Kindle eBook Reader Alternative for India

Flipkart eBook Store and Reader for English and Hindi Languages
Flipkart eBook Store and Reader for English and Hindi Languages

Flipkart eBooks - English and Hindi eBooks

Flipkart is the most popular online shopping destination in India. They have their own eBook reader application, like Amazon's Kindle. The name of this application is Flipkart eBooks. You can use this application to buy eBooks in India. Flipkart do not sell the eBooks written in native Indian languages except Hindi. When you install this app, you see the thousands of free and paid eBooks in English language. But there is also a section for Hindi eBook readers. People can purchase Hindi eBooks from the app itself. They can use credit card, debit card or netbanking facility to pay the price. Hopefully, Flipkart would add the eBooks in other Indian languages to its eBooks Store in future.

You see the purchased eBooks in My Library section of this app. Flipkart eBook reader is good, but it is not as good as Kindle reader. I like reading a book in justify alignment, but even after my request Flipkart never added this simple option in last six months. But overall, it is a good eBook reader application. You can change the font, font size, background theme, margin and spacing. There is also the inbuilt dictionary. Progress bar, text to speech, table of content, bookmarks, notes and highlights are some other features of this app. If you have some ePub files on the memory card of your phone, you can access them from the app. Flipkart eBooks is a good alternative for Kindle eBook reader application for smart phones India.

There are also independent reader applications by popular publishing houses in India. I do not think they have that quality yet to recommend them in this hub. But, these publishers distribute their eBooks in local languages with their own smart phone application. You can search for these applications on Google Play.

I did not suggest Amazon Kindle in this list, as they do not sell the eBooks in Indian languages. You also need a credit card to purchase eBooks on Kindle. eBook market in India is just started to explore its space. When the internet will reach to the rural areas, the demand for Indian eBooks will grow. This will be the good sign for Indian literature.

© 2014 Rohan Jagtap


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